February 2016 Focus Gallery

Photos by Jeff Zielinski

Captions (top to bottom):

Austin Aughinbaugh – fakie wallride off the loading dock to flat.

Morgan Long – bench-to-bench barspin to manual.

Dakota Roche – tree ride, Mexico City.

Julian Arteaga – pegs, pegs, pegs, 180.

Dakota Roche – classic trick, timeless style, ancient spot.

Sean Ricany – Euro (left). Jacob Bailey – 360 toboggan (right).

Trey Jones – fastplant wallride.

Ryan “Biz” Jordan – cappin’ off a long manual line with a whip out.

Tyler Fernengel – lengthy hanger.

Sean Ricany has been riding with Andrew Castaneda a lot, and it shows.

Justin Spriet – bump jump-to-ice-to-bar.

Hobie Doan – ledge ride-to-toothpick.

Sean Ricany – rail hop-to-smith.

Ryan Guettler – super-can whip.