Exclusive: Alex Magallan’s “Welcome to Tree” Video

You might have seen Alex Magallan’s “Welcome to Tree Bicycle Co.” ad in the August issue of Ride BMX. Today, we’ve got the exclusive on his official “Welcome to Tree” edit, featuring Alex talking about how the deal with Tree came about and his recent injury issues. Alex possesses an eye for setups that is equally as creative as it is stylish, and his edit above demonstrates the well thought out and purposeful way that Alex looks for setups and rides his bike. Healed up, happy, and always humble, Alex is moving through 2012 as he normally does on his bike-riding cool stuff and constantly progressing. The relationship between Alex and Tree, in our eyes, is perfect. Alex isn’t a rider to pop out multiple edits doing the same stuff on the same tired obstacles, and similarly, Tree isn’t quick to hop on the latest product design trends or seek out the rider getting the most likes on Facebook or comments on websites. Combined with new teammates Brian Yeagle and Clint Reynolds, this small team covers the gamut of styles of BMX riding and really rounds out the program.

Watch Alex do some insanely difficult and amazing riding in the video above.