This is a bit dated now—by about a week and a half—but that’s because I was driving around England in the back of a van.Anyway, I made my way over to the most recent Backyard Jam in Coventry, England, and of course, I had a blast; there was lots of unbelievable riding going on while I was frantically running around trying to get photos of it all. Now, without further hesitation, there is a list below of the Pro Street finalists in order that they placed and some of the stuff they did to help them get there.

Pro Street

1. Gary Young (USA): Ironically, the last time Gary was overseas was for knee surgery. But this time around, it was to fly around a street course full speed (as usual) and do something incredible on each and every ramp. Gary placed first in both qualifying and finals with tricks like tables, downside no-footed-can-cans, and tailwhips over the big channel.

Sergio Layos 360 turndowns the spine.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

2. Sergio Layos (Spain): This was the first time I’ve seen Sergio ride in person and I wasn’t disappointed. He did every type of lookback, turndown, and table variation (and 360’s in either direction) over the spine and sessioned the wallride with big turndowns and tailwhips.

3. Van Homan (USA): Van had the last trick of the contest with a 360-double-footplant on the wallride behind the tranny to tranny hip. (Picture the 360 footplant everyone’s been doing over a street spine lately and now picture it over something way burlier). Van also did turndowns, barspins, and downside whips over the big channel.

4. Will Jackson (England): Will was the only rider in the finals with four pegs and no brakes and you probably know what that means… he had some serious street shredder moves. Will sessioned the long grind box with a smith-to-feeble-to-barspin and long icepicks, did the rail backwards to 180, crooked grinded it, and over smithed it too. Don’t be mislead, he did more than just grinds, Will did a good job of spreading his moves all over the course.

5. Jim Cielencki (USA): Before his run, Jim said to me, “Wouldn’t it be funny if I grinded the rail and then went straight into a flair?” Not only did Jim grind the rail and do a flair, but he also Luc-E grinded the rail (he tried an X-up Luc-E grind too) and pulled his first opposite flair in only three tries.

6. Baz Keep (England): Baz tailwhipped the long grind box (some call it the “driveway”), fufanued the fence both ways, and truckdrivered the spine in both directions!

Adam Aloise alley-oop wallrides from tranny to tranny.
Click here to see this trick.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

7. Brian Terrada (USA): Brain seamed like he was lacking in motivation during practice and he hardly even rode at all, but when his turn on the floor came around he turned on the switch and absolutely killed it. Icepicks to fakie on the fence, grinding the straight rail to 180, and he icepicked and fufanued the corner of the wallride.

Scott Foster with the tailwhip to Luc-E stall on the sub.
Click here to watch Scott.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

7. Ruben Alccantara (Spain): Ruben did a lot of the same things other people did, but much higher and smoother, like hitting the curved wallride in both directions and going ridiculously high over the wedge hip.

9. Ryan Barrett (USA): Ryan’s quickly becoming a regular in Europe with four Backyard Jams under his belt in two years. This time around Ryan’s trick roster included inverts and toboggans out of the wallride and he came pretty close on a wallride-to-grind down a rail.

10. Scott Foster (USA): All those crowded sessions at the Vans park in Orange, California might have paid off for Scott because he had some pretty serious tricks, like whips-to-disaster, icepicks-to-fakie over on the street spine, and a tailwhip-to-Luc-E stall on the sub.

Gary Young lays one of his familiar tabletops over the channel.
Click here to watch this sequence.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

Amateur Street

1. Garath Wilson
2. Miles Davies
3. Adam Drinkwater
4. Bonfil Maxime
5. Sabourin Antoine
6. Daniel McGeary
7. Mitchell Yates
8. Rick Tribble
9. Ben Walker
10. Jason Judge

Ben Hennon killed this hip all weekend; he’d fly at the curved wall full-speed, then drop in and pedal straight at it—tailwhip at high speed.  credit: Jeff Zielinski