Talk about food… -Fat
About a year ago I started to take my diet a lot more seriously, and that has led to what may be called a small obsession with food. I take the saying “you are what you eat” very literally, as I think all people should. It really is only logical. Our bodies are machines and they ought to be treated as such. After a bit of research, I became a pretty strict vegetarian, and I have never felt better. Further, the concern about what goes in the tank naturally led to an interest in cooking. Perhaps I have trust issues, but you never know exactly what you get unless you prepare it yourself. Cooking is an art and science, and I have come to really enjoy it.

Eli’s body is a temple…  credit: Fat Tony

What is your biggest pet peeve and why does it bother you so much? -Dave Jacobs
I suppose it would be waiting around in just about any instance. I really cannot stand it. Some call it impatience…I call it a concern for efficiency (haha).

Plato or Neitsche? -Joe Cox
It is actually spelled “Nietzsche”, and I like both for different reasons. Plato for his method and rigor, and the fact that his writing is appealing on literary and historical levels as well. Nietzsche however, has some very interesting ideas in the area of ethics that could fit well into the existing scientific picture. This is important because often the existence of an ethical system is appealed to by those who wish to establish the existence of a God. If, however, science can account for the evolution of such beliefs and feelings of right and wrong, that is a huge step in shedding those beliefs. Nietzsche, I believe, provides the philosophical foundations for that.

Downside whip over a hip in Niagara Falls, Canada at the first riding spot of the trip.  credit: Fat Tony

You just graduated college with a degree in philosophy, what’s next? -Fat
I certainly want to go on and receive my doctorate in the near future. A part of me now really enjoys riding and studying on my own, so I may take some time off before doing so. We will see…

Every one knows that you are a bad ass at bikes, but do u have any other creative outlets? -Barney
I am far from a bad ass, Barney. I have really come to enjoy writing as a form of creative expression. After four years of college, in which creativity played second fiddle to pure logic and reason, it is a breath of fresh air.

You used to live with tons of BMXers in the “Manard” house, what was that like, were do you live now and do you still ride with your old roommates? -Cody York
It was a really good time at Maynard. Sometimes, it was probably too fun. I now live with my girlfriend, and sometimes get out with the old crew. I ride with Ian Schwartz the most, but even that is not too often. When we all get together it is usually without the bikes and just for the sake of hanging out.

Eli having a good time on his BMX in Toronto.  credit: Fat Tony

You have been on Subrosa for a while, what are you looking forward to in the future of the company? -Larry Alvarado
I am looking forward to everything about it. Subrosa haas people with great ideas behind it. I think that is becoming evident to everyone, and will become even more so very shortly. The future is bright in all aspects…

What inspires you to do what you do? What makes Eli Platt so different from the next man? -Brad Simms
I just ride because it is something to challenge myself with. I think it is healthy to constantly have an avenue in which to push yourself. As far as what makes me different, I have no clue. I don’t think that is really a question someone can answer about themselves.

Do you see yourself staying in Columbus, Ohio for the majority of your life or are you interested in seeing what its like to live other places? -Chad Shackleford
No, I am certainly into getting out of Columbus. There are a few things going on in my life now that would warrant a move, so only time will tell…

High-speed gap over the rail from what is barely a wedge in Hamilton, Ontario.  credit: Fat Tony

Tell us about the morning. -Josh Suhre
Morning is my newfound obsession. I have to work most mornings, and I think it is important to start the day on your own terms, and not go straight into something you don’t really enjoy. So I have started getting up rather early and making it a point to give myself enough time to relax. For more on this, read the chapter titled “What I Lived For” in Thoreau’s Walden. He describes the magic of the morning far better than I could.

Has working at a bike shop for so long made you enjoy BMX more, or stray you away from it at times? -Tony Neyer
For better or worse, the shop I have worked at the past five years doesn’t deal at all with BMX, so it doesn’t really impact my feelings toward riding at all. I certainly get burned out on riding every now and then, but that is usually due to boredom with my surroundings, and not from dealing with bikes all the time.