Okay, so BMXonline is about to hit the road to the X Games.We’ll be leaving early in the morning on Wednesday and since I’m not driving I plan on sleeping the whole way there.

Just a little insider information about taking road trips. If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t like to drive, the first time someone mentions that you’re going to have to do some of the driving, throw your hands up to about shoulder height and while backing away say, “You REALLY don’t want me to drive.” They’ll automatically think that you’re a bad driver and since no-one wants to have to return a wrecked rental van, or even worse have their own car get messed up, you’ll be sleeping in the back for sure!

Once we get to San Francisco we will begin our coverage beginning with dirt jumping practice and an overview of the X Games set up. I’ll be keeping a journal throughout the week and posting it in the features section the whole time, so if you want to hear my perspective on what goes on at the X Games check that out. Hopefully it won’t turn into a bitch session but I have been known to do that at times.

Remember that BMXonline has teamed up with adidas to be your one stop location for EVERYTHING going on at the X Games, so make sure you check us out daily, if not more often.