Cruise the streets of Tokyo, Japan with Colin Varanyak, Lahsaan Kobza, Reed Stark, & Joris Coulomb as they search for spots, stack for upcoming projects, ride in an insane disco-esque contest, and explore the architecture and culture of Tokyo Japan. This is the first in our “E-LOG” series.

The magazine editor is a position that oversees the writing content of company staffers or freelancers… Video editors are different but also similar in that they oversee all of the footage logged at the end of a trip, contest, or long day of riding. It’s the editors who are constantly sifting through the many captured memories and moments, and so we give you the first installment of our “E-LOG” series (short for Editors log).

Captured by Justin Benthien and Ryan Fudger
Edited by Zach Krejmas

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