Round two of the DK Dirt Circuit dirt jumping contest series happened during the X-Fest in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.There had been thunderstorms all weekend and the contest was delayed for a few hours to allow time to get the jumps back into shape.

There were 39 Pros on hand at this event, largely because it was a Gravity Games Qualifier. With this many Pros and qualifying for the Gravity Games on the line it was evident that some crazy things were going to happen.

For starters Todd Walkowiak (DK/1-800-COLLECT) was throwing double tailwhips and landing straddle on the frame. He didn’t quite pull it but he was coming damn close.

Unfortunately there was some bad news for Marvin Loetterle (S&M) who broke his foot during the contest.

The results for the contest ended up like this.
1. Ryan Nyquist (Haro)2. Chris Duncan (Free Agent)3. Chris Doyle (DK/1-800-COLLECT)4. Scott Wirch (GT)5. Cory Nastazio (Huffy)6. Mike Parenti (GT)7. Dan Psimer (Camp III)8. Ronnie Chalk (Diamondback)9. Todd Walkowiak (DK/1-800- COLLECT)10. Ryan Barrett