Mike Escamilla stopped by our office this morning and dropped off some new Dave Osato signature golf balls.We know, signature golf balls from The Samurai? We’ll let Mike explain.

“Dave’s is quite a golf connoisseur, and he’s basically a modern day Happy Gilmore. I didn’t think I had any use for hockey pucks, but who couldn’t use more balls? So we made a limited-edition run of about 300 Osato balls along with Samurai golf tees. They will be for close friends and family, but when the Samurai Web site gets running, you will be able to get a few different signature items from The Samurai. Heath Pinter may even get his own signature spinner hub caps.”

Mike said he would like www.thesamurai.net to be up and running tomorrow, but in reality, give it two months.

Dave Osato’s Samurai Golf Ball  credit: Mike Escamilla