Created to honor top members of the DC BMX team and their incredible riding legacies, introducing the first-ever DC BMX TeamWorks Collection. The riders worked closely with DC designers to make the products 100% their own. From colors and materials to the sole patterns and cushioning systems, the premier BMX TeamWorks Collection is a perfect suit to each athlete's unique performance needs… and a fitting tribute to the still-evolving heritage of the DC BMX team.

The second of four releases from the team, here Dave Mirra breaks down his TeamWorks shoe.

Dave Mirra DC Shoes TeamWorks Collection

“I chose the Breaker model because I prefer a simple look and a flat sole. I really looked into what would fit me best, and it's pretty much everything I want in a shoe.”

“I'd say the best thing about my shoe is the sole and the consistent pill pattern. These shoes are pretty much right out of the box and ready to ride—not something you need to break in for a week because the sole's stiff or the inconsistent pattern doesn't really grip. That's important because you won't stress about throwing a new pair on right before a big contest.”

“There's a gripping system called Dynamic Grip Technology™ that is pretty amazing. When you are out there, especially in a contest, you don't want to have any excuses for why you didn't do what you went out there to do. This grip system makes sure that doesn't happen.”

Dave Mirra DC Shoes TeamWorks Collection

Breaker BMX Shoe – $70

“I've tried all different uppers and I really like leather. It's stiffer, and there's a bit more support. It seems to last a bit longer. You know there's a little bit more wear and a little bit less tear going on.”

“Having an all-black shoe was important to me because I'm a big fan of a simple black shoe. It's great to have a shoe that works while you're riding, but you can wear straight to dinner afterward.”

“I thought copper was a great highlight color for the black shoe. I powder coat all my own bikes, and I had this copper one I'd just done. So I chipped off a piece of the powder coat and shipped it off to the DC design team. They got it perfect. Now I've got this black and copper shoe that matches a lot of the custom bikes I ride.”

Dave Mirra DC Shoes TeamWorks Collection

Mirra Zip Hoodie – $56

“I brought up the idea of creating matching shoes for my wife and daughter for X Games. DC was really into it, and we all showed up with the same color shoes. It's pretty cool when a company will do something like that for you.”

“It's not about one guy getting a shoe. It's about getting together and customizing what we feel is needed out of a shoe for success at contests. It's a cool program to have, and it goes to show how much DC is backing all of us riders.”

“There's a lot of loyalty between DC and its riders. I've been on DC since 2001, and if you see what they've done for all their athletes, they go above and beyond just another endorsement. DC's into progression. If you have an idea for something, you can go to them and they'll make it happen. That to me is like being a part of a family, a family that goes beyond a contract and an expendable situation.”

Dave Mirra DC Shoes TeamWorks Collection

Mirra T-shirt – $30

Dave Mirra DC Shoes TeamWorks Collection

Breaker BMX Hat – $38

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