HELLO!We are proud to announce the dates of the 2-Hip MEET THE STREET event supported by Red Bull Energy drink.It’s scheduled for OCTOBER 18-19, 2003… Last year saw over 150 riders entered in this two-day event, and this year we’re getting a sound permit, so no probs from johnny law!

Get ready for another completely awesome event… and ALSO get ready for MORE events next year! (East Coast? Midwest?). And, like all true BMX events, please let us know in advance how many press-passes you will need… HOPE TO SEE EVERYONE OCTOBER 18-19 IN SAN FRANCISCO!

QUOTE about last year’s event from chasebmx web-site: “Everybody won from what I’ve heard; the judges gave Adam Streiby the win, but I can’t be sure ’cause we left before it was announced. It’s not that I didn’t care, it’s just that the whole day had such a laid-back ‘jam’ feel to it. I don’t think ‘who won’ was really a big deal to anyone. Ron Wilkerson and his crew know how to have a good time and share it with a lot of people. Congratulations to 2-Hip Bikes, the City of San Francisco, all the sponsors and everyone who came out. I’m sure anyone who’s ever been to Meet the Street (or a contest like it) will agree it’s not about who wins or loses, it’s about how much fun you have while you’re there.”

peaceout, and hope to see you all THERE!