I like your style and I think you are best street rider in the world. What are your favorite tricks and what tricks don't you like?

Wow, thanks Peter! I'm a big fan of hangover toothpicks, 180s, icepicks, trucks on street, and anything done with style. On the other hand, hang fives seem to be done way too much.

I've seen in some videos that you can do flips and flairs. Why don't you ever do them when you can do them so sick?

I'm still pretty scared of straight backies and it's not something I would ever want to do often! But flairs are less scary for me so I mess with those every once in a while even though I'm still super inconsistent with them.

Dakota Roche Rail Hop

Dakota Roche, rail hop. Photo by Z.

Do you really surf?

Yes, I do. I ain't no Bobby Martinez, but I love being out in the ocean surfin' with the homies. It's always a good way to relax and have a blast at the same time.

I really like your part in Ride's Insight. You have really good style. Do you ride in any competitions? And what would you prefer, to film for videos or just chill with your mates?

Thanks Tim, I appreciate that. I ride in some competitions, but I usually prefer to go out and film. There are times for everything, sometimes I'm in the mood to chill with the homies and relax, other times I'm just so psyched on riding that I need to get out ride.

I would really like to know whether you prefer riding with music or without? And what was your first trick ever (besides bunnyhops)? Thanks for your ridin'! You are a great influence.
– Loeffel

Cheers man! I really enjoy riding with headphones, but sometimes it makes me feel isolated from the dudes I'm riding with, so I only do it sometimes. Other times it gets me real psyched, so it depends on the situation, I guess.

How does it feel to be Dakota Roche, pretty much everyone's hero?

Umm… Awkward question, bro. (Laughter)

Once, when I was 11 years old, I saw you at the Mosh video premier at Goods in Portland, Oregon. After the video, you were outside riding. I remember you did a 180 while still in fakie, bunnyhopped about nipple height, landing in fakie still. When I saw that, I asked you how you bunnyhop so high and your response was, "Psh, I don't know." Then when I was leaving, you said something a stupid kid and high bunnyhops. What's up with that?
– imperialBMX

Hmm, sorry man. I can't really remember saying that. If that did really happen, I'm sorry dude!