“The Missle” has been temporarily disarmed…  credit: Press Release

Arcadia, California – After an unfortunate crash in Guthrie, Oklahoma, Mike Moeller has torn his ACL and had to undergo surgery on March 7th to repair the damage. The surgery went very well and Mike has been going through rehabilitation three times per day. The doctor told Mike that a full recovery would take four months until he could be back to the level he was at before the accident. However, since Mike is stronger than most, the doctor thinks he could be back even sooner.

Mike is expected to be back on his bike in early April to begin training again. In addition to his training, Mike will be running Crupi/Mike Moeller Clinics. Mike’s clinics cover gates, obstacle variation, rhythm, passing, turns, and training routines. Mike has a unique way of working with riders of all ages and has several clinics already booked April, May and June. Anyone interested in attending one of Mike’s clinics or booking one of their own can contact Mike at [email protected].