Cory Nastazio – Feeble Talk (EP. 11)


It got delayed for a bit, but the Nastazio Feeble Talk is finally here. I didn’t really have specific topics to go over with Cory because I knew that he’d take the conversation wherever it was meant to go. So, with his 39th birthday looming, Cory sat down and jumped right into life after BMX (he has a job?), Mirra, the state of dirt riding, and plenty more. Shout out to Cory for being truly himself for over twenty years and never not speaking his mind. We need more of that in BMX…


Courtesy Timeline:
1:55 – We choose a background
5:23 – Cory has a job?
10:10 – Not trying at recent events
13:22 – Aitken/Mirra Influence
18:50 – The state of dirt
21:25 – “As soon as you win a contest, you’re a victim of your own success.”
23:17 – The pinnacle of Cory’s career
25:40 – Cory has a man crush on Dennis Enarson
28:35 – Cory plays “Name That Pro” (he wouldn’t take the money after the show was over)
34:43 – Stephen Murray ten years later
40:12 – Cory talks about Mirra’s death for the first time publicly
44:45 – Scotty Cranmer
48:00 – Being a professional rider for 20 years
50:20 – Lack of personality in BMX
51:36 – Instagram Q&A
1:00:00 – Cory’s rather solid philosophy on Instagram