Chad Kerley’s vitaminwater™ Invitational

Street riding looks to the future on May 12th, when the Chad Kerley vitaminwater™ Invitational will bring many of the world’s top  street riders into Brian Kachinsky’s personal BMX playground on the south side of Chicago. After an epic string of street influenced video sections from the repurposed bread factory, the Chad Kerley Vitamin Water Invitational is a first of its kind event for both the facility and the sport. Ride BMX has exclusive coverage of the May 12th event and we will be dropping all sorts of tasty info, sneak peeks, and unnamed riders up until the day of the event. For up to date info, keep an eye on the Chad Kerley vitaminwater™ Invitational microsite for full details as they become available.

Dennis Enarson accepting his 2011 NORA Cup. Photo: Zielinski

Dennis Enarson
This San Diego native does what few can do in BMX-win contests, win NORA Cups, and look good while doing both. With influences from some of the best all around riders in BMX’s history, Enarson is a threat on any sort of obstacle he touches and has long been itching to ride the private indoor facility. Coming off of a NORA Cup for his mostly street section in Demolition’s “Last Chance” DVD in 2011, Enarson is a serious contender to look out for.

Christian Rigal, double peg to long gap. Photo: Means

Christian Rigal
Bursting onto the scene in the past couple of years, Rigal has moved past simply being a filmer that also had some talent on a bike to one of the leading influences on both sides of the lens. Christian isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and make a setup possible on street, and his recent Markit BMX video showed that he’s got the creativity to do new moves on fresh and unique setups.

Connor Lodes

Connor has established himself at the forefront of the tech street game, blending Jedi-like nose wheelie skills and other smooth moves with the influence of friends like Christian Rigal and Chad Kerley. Lodes might still be a fresh face to the game but his consistency will make him a rider to watch during the contest.

Nigel Sylvester - crook-to-over barspin. Photo: Zielinski

Nigel Sylvester
Hailing from the concrete jungle known as New York City, Nigel’s riding is a byproduct of his environment. This Queens native has proven that he can do it all-from 180 barspins down massive staircases to insanely technical combos. Being a rider known more for his video sections and endorsements than his contest skills, it will be all eyes on Nigel to see what NYC’s shining star lays down in a contest environment.

Josh Harrington - hop over toothpick. Photo: Zielinski

Josh Harrington
Aren’t Greenville natives supposed to keep themselves to the skatepark? Josh Harrington is one of the first riders to burst the bubble of the Pro Town ramp scene and make a name for himself on the street side of things, pushing the levels of technical and burly as close as humanly possible together. Harrington really can ride it all and with some insane rail tricks up his sleeve and the ability to stay calm during huge moves, Harrington is going to be a seasoned veteran to look out for on the course.

Nathan Williams - 360 into the street. Photo: Zielinski

Nathan Williams
Growing up under the influence of Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams transformed his park style into one of the most progressive and insane street styles in the world, making moves side by side with his close friend and mentor to push street riding into the future. Nathan has already blown minds with his Bakery section-what’s he going to do this time around?

Corey Martinez, 180 whip. Photo: Mulligan

Corey Martinez
This Alabama native has traveled far and wide from his home state to become one of the 21st century’s top street riders. Modern day street wouldn’t be where it is today without “T-Nez” and his progressive street style. Martinez’s riding has aged like fine wine and armed him with an arsenal of tricks on lock that are ready to fire at moment’s notice. This will be Corey’s third time to the private Chicago facility-will it be “third time’s a charm” for the Nashville local?

Brian Kachinsky, euro table on an abandoned Air Force base. Photo: Brady

Brian Kachinsky
The Chad Kerley Invitational will make a lot of Bakery fans happy for one simple reason-footage of Brian Kachinsky riding his personal facility. Brian’s humble nature has hindered any personal riding footage of himself riding the spot from surfacing, but May 12th will certainly make fans happy. Fresh off of ACL surgery, Brian will no doubt be riding the spot with a renewed hunger and make the BMX world know that Kachinsky is back.

Sean Ricany
The youngest rider to be featured at The Bakery, Ricany’s riding has made a statement as loud as his voice. The Tom’s River native and reality television star is one of street riding’s youngest but most talented up and comers and he has proven time and time again that he’s got the skills and the moves to hang with riders twice his age. With this being his second time to The Bakery and podium finishes in more recent street contests, this candy and soda filled monster will be a treat to watch during the event.

Mike Jonas
Mike Jonas has a more unique approach to street riding than the rest of the riders on this list, looking at obstacles from much different angles than others. Mike’s video parts have show his ability to adapt many interesting tricks to different setups-an advantage that could seriously come in handy with the CKI’s best trick format.

Ronnie Napolitan
Ronnie Napolitan at a street contest? Naysayers be damned, the Youngstown, Ohio native has been laying down some absolute hammers away from the public eye all across the United States. Friends and industry insiders are in tune with Ronnie’s street prowess; his street skills mixed with a ramp upbringing will make Ronnie a rider to make an impression on the course.

Devon Smillie
This young Atlanta turned Long Beach ape is well known for his unique tricks, an affinity for Southern rap, and the ability to link up some of the most difficult and scary street moves together. Oh yeah, he makes ’em all look good at the same time. Smllie has entered 2012 firing on all cylinders and is a young gun to look out for alongside the likes of Ricany and Chad Kerley himself.

Alex Kennedy - kinker ice. Photo: Zielinski

Alex Kennedy
The UK street style cat known as “AK” has quickly made a name for himself on far away shores for various reasons. After standout DVD sections, magazine interviews, and becoming a member of one of BMX’s hottest brands, AK has proven himself on a bike and gained respect as having a personality that is on par with his riding. With a laid back attitude, Kennedy will be a silent shedder that will turn heads with the wildest moves in the most subtle ways possible.

Rob Wise - hanger-to-180. Photo: Zielinski

Rob Wise
There are a certain amount of riders that get compared to animals in the most respectful way possible-and Rob Wise is one of them. Rob has been pushing the envelope on street for years with countless epic DVD sections and some of the gnarliest moves known to man on a BMX bike. With an endless bag of tricks that few are doing besides Wise and the ability to gap from what seems like any grindable obstacle to the other, Wise will have no issue adapting to whatever setups The Bakery can toss his way.