Created to honor top members of the DC BMX team and their incredible riding legacies, introducing the first-ever DC BMX TeamWorks Collection. The riders worked closely with DC designers to make the products 100% their own. From colors and materials to the sole patterns and cushioning systems, the premier BMX TeamWorks Collection is a perfect suit to each athlete's unique performance needs… and a fitting tribute to the still-evolving heritage of the DC BMX team.

Leading the first of four releases from the team, here Chad Kagy breaks down his TeamWorks shoe.

Chad Kagy DC Shoes TeamWorks Collection

“I chose the Command model because of how it feels, the sole design and the technologies. It's got those couple little extra things in there that if I do certain tricks and miss but don't crash, I know I'll be okay.”

“I prefer to have an Airbag in my shoes just in case something happens to go wrong. If I jump out 15 feet in the air, the Airbag gives me a little extra cushion to prevent bruised heels.”

“The small pill pattern on the sole allows my pedal pins to fit into a couple different locations where my pedal can sit right. This is really important because with a big sole pattern, your pedal won't fit right at all.”

Chad Kagy DC Shoes TeamWorks Collection

Command BMX Shoe – $85

“It looks thick, but it's a lightweight shoe. There aren't 17 different layers of material. There's some extra padding on the inside, but without that extra padding I might split my ankle open while riding.”

“Overall the whole shoe is designed exactly the way I want, so there's not one small aspect of it I like better than others. The whole thing works together in unison and does exactly what I want it to.”

“I chose green, white and black for the colors of my shoe. Green has always been a thing for me the last five years because of my sponsor. I have to wear either black, green, or white helmets and I like to change it up a bit. Now no matter what helmet I'm wearing I can still hook it up with my shoe.”

Chad Kagy DC Shoes TeamWorks Collection

Kagy Zip Hoodie – $52

“DC created a special shoe for my wife and son. We thought it would be cool to show up to the contest with similar shoes, so my wife picked out a shoe she liked, and my son had the Crib shoe, and both had the same colorways and were almost identical to my shoe. My son's name was across the bottom of his shoe. I mean, has anyone that young ever had a signature shoe?”

“I'm loving the TeamWorks program. What's cool about it is athletes in different sports can design their own stuff.”

Chad Kagy DC Shoes TeamWorks Collection

Kagy T-shirt – $22

“It's kind of overwhelming at first to create your own TeamWorks shoe. You get to pick out exactly what you want–the exact shoe you want, the colorway you want, the technologies you want.”

“I was on the very first crew of riders for the DC BMX Team and have stuck with it the entire way, and I'm pretty excited DC has stuck with me the whole entire way too. Six years on DC is pretty amazing. It feels more like being a part of a family now than just some sponsor that picked you up to wear shoes and get coverage.”
– Chad Kagy

Chad Kagy DC Shoes TeamWorks Collection

Command BMX Hat – Price: $40

In case you missed it a while back, here is Kagy’s TeamWorks video…