It’s so easy for pro riders to slip into obscurity, especially a flatlander from Minnesota.If they’re out of the media spotlight for even a few months, people might even think they quit riding. Well, that’s definitely not the case with Trevor Meyer; he’s been riding all along.

So what have you been up to lately?
I’m working on my video part for the next Aspire BMX video contest. I’ve also been doing some NBA half time shows and hanging out with my new girlfriend. It’s starting to get pretty cold in Minnesota; where do you ride once it snows?
My buddy has his own private skatepark, so I will be riding in there all winter long. The place rules! It even has a kitchen, big screen TV, fireplace, and plenty of couches for the girls to relax on and watch us ride!

The bars are flipping and the trick is hard, that’s all we know.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

Who do you ride with?
I just ride with ramp riders and skateboarders. How often are you on the road?
The winter months are usually pretty slow, so I have a lot of free time, but it picks up in the spring and summer. Last summer I toured with Brooks and Dunn for four months straight. That was probably the best tour I’ve ever been on and I would be happy to do it again. With so much travel time, when do you get to work on new tricks?
I always seem to find time to work on new stuff. Sometimes I’ll practice new tricks between shows. Do you find it difficult to come up with new tricks that nobody else has already done?
Yes, it’s really tough to learn new tricks that nobody is doing, but it pays off when you finally learn the trick and you get the credit for it.

Cross-footed G-turn, yeah, this one isn’t very easy either.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

You’re taller then most flatlanders, so your bike is set up completely different than the common 18-19″ top tube bikes everyone else is riding. What kind of changes do you make from the ordinary set-up to suit your needs?
I had Ed (Nussbaum) at Sick Child make me a custom 21″ frame with the dimensions that I like. He did an excellent job on it and I couldn’t be happier with the bike!