What goes into making a company’s catalog? How much money gets spent? Who designs it? Most importantly, are they worth reading? Robbie Morales filled me in on the making of Fit’s new catalog.

Last year Odyssey and a few other companies put a ton of time and effort into creating catalogs that looked more like works of art. I caught up with Robbie Morales and asked him about what went into making Fit’s ’04 catalog.

 credit: James Ayres

Why is the Fit catalog so small?
I made it small so that if a kid picked it up at his local shop he could just throw it in his back pocket and keep riding. It’s just simple and kind of different; I haven’t seen too many this size.

Did you write all the text?
Yeah, so some of the technical info might actually be made up, but we’re going to go with it (laughter).

How long did it take to make the catalog start to finish?
We did this one pretty quickly. All the photos were left overs from the Barcelona trip, so that worked out pretty well. I laid it out with Jay Marriott, the Art Director for Fit. It probably took three weeks altogether from start to finish.

 credit: James Ayres

What did it cost to make?
You want to keep the price down, so there are different ways to do it with the sizing. We cut as many corners as possible (laughter). For between $1,000 and $2,000 you can probably get like five or six thousand catalogs.

Do you send a set number to each Fit dealer?
If they ask for them we’ll pretty much send them as many as they want. The cool thing is that it’s printed locally, so we can just shoot over there and get more if we need them.

 credit: James Ayres

It seems like lately everyone’s been stepping up the way their catalogs look.
Yeah, I think overall, everyone’s just trying to step it up and make BMX a lot more accessible to the riders so that they can get more information as easily as possible. And that’s what I tried to do; I tried to connect the catalog to the Web site as much as possible, so that if you go to www.fitbikeco.com , the catalog’s on the Web site, too. It’s just making sure that the rider can get as much information as they need. Most of the e-mails we get are just tech questions; kids wanting to know more about the product. The style and the image of the company you want to be able to portray pretty easily so that the kid can get it.

Do you think you’ll stay with this format?
I think so; I mean we might switch it up and do a big one with bigger photos, but this one’s actually kind of cool because it was easy to do and the riders are into it; they had input on it, too. They seemed to like it so we’ll probably stick with this for a bit.

 credit: James Ayres

Do you think putting a lot of time and money into catalogs these days is a good investment?
I think so; it’s hard to get feedback to figure out if your dollars are going in the right places, but I think any time you have a forum to give a kid a look inside the company, how it’s run, and what it’s about is important. I’m more apt to spend moneyy in those areas than say, a contest, or something.