Pro Q&A: Cam Wood 

Hailing from one of the coolest scenes in BMX—Salt Lake City—comes this month’s pick for Ride‘s Pro Q&A reader letters section, Cam Wood. This is your chance to ask Cam about anything you’d like. We’ll throw a few suggestions out there for you (like riding for S&M, being a part of the SLC and 50/50 crew and scene, building the Tanner trails, his clips in 50/50’s That’s It! video, his upcoming part in S&M’s video I Wanna Live, how his friend Mike Aitken’s recent crash has affected him, his gnarly street moves, etc., etc., etc.) but feel free to challenge him with your own questions and topics.

Either post your questions here on this page or e-mail them to [email protected] and we’ll make sure Cam gets them and puts the As to the Qs. Please make sure to give your name with your question, punk.


Portrait of the artist and his wolf. Cam and Cody. Photo: Mulligan


Tucking at Tanner. Photo: Mulligan


The master blaster with a tuck over Beringer’s backyard hip. Photo: Zielinski