Mutiny team rider and Chenga skatepark manager Kerry Sayre has been diagnosed with cancer and has started receiving surgery along with a lot of testing.He does not have insurance and the cost of his healthcare is going to rise quickly. In an effort to help him Mutiny and friends have started the “Help Kerry Fund” and are going to raise as much money as they possibly can for him. Mutiny’s owner Steve Inge told us, “We want to be able to send him a ton of money so we are soliciting shops, riders, companies and whomever else we can get to help out a BMX’er in need. I want to show what we as riders can do if we really try.”

Mutiny’s new video AMERICAN SCREAM will be out soon and a portion from every video go to the Help Kerry Fund.

Donations can be sent to:
The Help Kerry Fund
c/o Mutiny Bikes
PO Box 123551
FT. Worth TX 76121

Checks should be made out to “Mutiny Bikes Kerry Fund” or for more information on how to donate to the fund call 817-861-4497 or 817-723-8911 if you have questions.