The guys that organize the yearly “King Of New York” sent us an email about the contest they’re having this weekend at the Mullaly skatepark in The Bronx.This is pretty much what they had to say. Their words are in bold but I included my own translations just in case your parents read this and don’t understand what they’re saying. My translations will be in plain text and enclosed in .

The same crew organization of persons that brought you “The King of New York” this refers to an annual bicycle contest, not an actual Monarchy in the state of New York. Being that New York is still a part of the United States it is still under a democratic form of government now brings you “BX-games”. The contest will take place at Mullaly Skatepark a skatepark is a location in which various obstacles made of either wood or cement are utilized for bicyclists and skateboarders to perform various stunt maneuvers this weekend, September, third. The contest starts at 12:00pm and there will be a host of DJ’s. a group of persons utilizing two turntables to mix records together forming one continuous song, at times there is a microphone involved for vocal harmonization

The contest will have Flatland tricks performed on flat ground without the use of above said obstacles , Street tricks performed on above said obstacles , and Vert tricks performed on a U shaped wooden obstacle competitions. It is sponsored by a shitload a whole bunch of companies including Specialized, adidas, Etnies, GT, Source Magazine, Bulldog Bikes, Base Brooklyn, and many others these are all manufacturers and media that specialize in catering to youth culture.

Security will be “mad tight” (NYPD blues) a lot of police officers will be there to insure your safety so don’t even think about losing your bike or jackin’ stealing one for that matter. You know how we get down in the BX! You know how things occur in the Bronx! Well, you may not, but even if you did you would not need to worry about how things “get down in the BX” due to the amount of security

For more info email: [email protected]

Mullaly Skatepark
163rd St River Ave
Bronx New York
The park is two blocks from Yankee Stadium.