Will Taubin, October 1999

When Ralph Sinisi and I started sessioning NYC on a regular basis back in the late ’90s, the locals we rode with included Dylan Campbell, Doughboy, and Will Taubin. Everyone used to call Will the Angry Russain, he was usually pissed about something, he was always smoking a cigarette, and you couldn’t sit within a three-foot radius of him because he was constantly spitting on the ground. But the thing I remember most about Will was how progressive he was. All of his video parts have stood the test of time and if they were to come out today, people would still be impressed with them. Anyhow, so there used to be two sets of rails across the street from the World Trade Center, the long black mellow square rails in the plaza and these polished aluminum square ones that Will is feeble grinding in this photo. Will rode these rails so much that by the time everyone else was finally clocking ledge tricks down rails, Will had already shut these rails down.

Bob Scerbo, August 2000

Bob Scerbo had a spread in Ride issue 50 doing an air on this tranny from the same session as this fakie at shoulder height. Ironically, a few years later, after I was already living in SoCal, Bob and I were on an East coast tour with the MacNeil team (Ride issue 80), Bob was filming and I was shooting photos. While we were driving through New Jersey, Bob suggested we stop at these tranny pillars, Jay Miron ended up airing the same pillar all the way up to where it attaches to the building—his back wheel was even past that—true Beast style.

Edwin DeLaRosa, January 2001

For some reason I thought I might have used this shot of Edwin in a previous archive, but the cardboard slide sleeve was unopened, so I'm assuming this sprocket barspin-to-180 has never seen the light of day until now. We shot this in Phoenix, AZ, after the first Sombra Tour. I think it was the same night that Edwin and I drove out to SoCal with Glenn Milligan, where Edwin filmed a whole section for the Ride video Turbulence in about a week.

Jim Cielencki, 2001


This photo brings me back to when Jim Cielencki and I drove all over the East coast filming and shooting photos for Kink. Most of the video footage we filmed ended up in Jim's first full-length section in the Ride video Parts, including this double exposure wallride-to-wallride in Tampa, Florida.

Vic Ayala, 2001

There really isn't much I can say about Vic that hasn't already been said before. He dropped a bomb with his debut full-length section in the first Animal video, and his name became synonymous with "street riding legend" ever since. In this particular photo, Vic is doing what he liked to do most, "lock into a long-ass grind", add the X-up, document it in Chinatown in NYC, and you have all the ingredients for a classic Vic Ayala formula.

Headless Cancan, 2001

The first person to correctly identify who this headless cancan rider is will win something really random from the creative minds in the Ride office. Send all educated guesses to [Editor Note: Time’s up, someone guessed right. Look for follow up soon]. 

Sombra in NYC, Summer 2001

The second Sombra Tour claimed the Jackson House in Denver, Colorado, home base for about a week. Then, once the anticipation for our main destination of the trip, New York City, became too great, we finally high-tailed it East. We made one stop, in Davenport, Iowa, so Rick Moliterno could drive us around town in his big truck and impress the Gonz and Ratboy. The crew was Ells, the Gonz, Ratboy, and myself. We were driving a two-door Honda Civic hatchback and towing a little trailer—which I'm pretty sure The Gonz slept in for most of the drive. Once we reached New Jersey we were so beat from the drive and the humidity we crashed at my parent's house for an entire day and then headed into the city after dark—which was the typical routine during the East coast summers. This photo was our NYC version of the Miami group shot that we took during the first Sombra Tour. The deli we were standing in front of is in the Village around the corner from the famous late night snack stop, Mamoun's Falafel on Macdougal Street. (L-R, me, The Gonz, Ratboy, and Ells).

Vinnie Sammon, November 2001

I was officially hired and went on salary with Ride November 1st 2001 and I was supposed to be in California by December 1st. So I had a month to shoot as much as possible on the East coast and then get out to SoCal. This was also during the same time that I was filming the first Animal video, and so a very ambitious plan was born. We decided to drive out to LA in the Animal van, film and shoot as much as possible along the way, and then once we got out to California, we would edit the video with Glenn Milligan at the MonkeyHateClean studio. Sometime during the middle of November, with the Animal van packed with all my of worldly possessions, and another car pacing us, Ralph Sinisi, Vinnie Sammon, Edwin DeLaRosa, Bob Scerbo, Dave Marghieri, and I drove across the country. We made a bunch of stops along the way, including Austin, Texas, where I shot this photo of Vinnie toothpicking a subrail at Ninth St.

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