If this park were in Southern California, it would cost 20 dollars to ride it and there would be security guards everywhere¿but not in Racine, Wisconsin.This park is completely free, and the only security measures are a fence around the place and a few cops that drive by every couple hours.

Brian Vowell twists a lookdown at Pershing Skatepark.

Parks like Pershing don’t come cheap, so instead of hitting the city up for the funds, Racine local Kuko Padilla and a local businessman (whose son rollerblades) started making phone calls looking for donations. Apparently that method works well, because Pershing now has over $100,000 invested in it ($30,000 came from businesses who didn’t want the park near them).

Pershing Skatepark is located on the beach in Racine directly behind Gateway College. If you’re anywhere near this place, get there as soon as you can. Snow shuts the park down in the winter, but as soon as soon as it starts to melt, this place will be back in top form.¿Losey