We hit up one of our bloggers and asked him where he’s been recently and what trips he has planned. As with most professional riders, BK gets around quite a bit so he always has interesting stories and photos to share. Denmark, Germany, Baltimore, DC, Mexico, and Vegas are all on the itinerary

brian kachinsky

Brian nailing a rail/ledge feeble on one of his many trips. Photo by Z

August 17-25: Copenhagen, Denmark via Hamburg, Germany
When I was invited to the T-mobile mini-ramp contest in Hamburg, Germany I was super exited to go back there. We filmed there for the Etnies video and it was insane. Given the fact that it's a 10-hour flight and I love Europe, I wanted to go for more than just a weekend. I checked out an atlas, made a few calls/emails, and next thing I know Osato and I were in Hamburg on a train up to Copenhagen, Denmark. I love traveling with Osato because he's really easy-going and always up for an adventure. Another bonus is that you can turn him loose on just about any terrain and he'll destroy it if he wants to. I got to witness this a couple times on the trip (both in and out of the contest). This being my first time to Denmark I was extremely impressed. There is a ton of good street and skateparks, and a really cool tight-knit group of riders. Thanks to Peter, Neils, Carlsberg, playgrounds, falafel, and everyone we rode with in Copenhagen as well as Achim and T-mobile for a great contest!

Brian Kachinsky

August 28-September 4: Baltimore, Maryland/Washington DC
Our nation’s capital is also the Eastcoast's street spot capital (or at least I think so). I met up with Sean Burns, Stew Johnson, Jeff Allen and Miles Rogoish. How's that for some name dropping? Jon Saunders was our key to the city and it was insane. We rode, we filmed, we saw the sights, Laura Bush winked at Burns and we rode some more. Look for some "hammersaw" in a Props or Anthem video in the near future. After a few good days of riding, falling, and getting "meatloaf arm," an all too common condition I seem to get these days, Miles and I packed into a rented PT-Cruiser wannabe and drove back to Chicago. Needless to say it's good to be back. Thanks Jon and everyone who showed us around and also Van and Samantha Homan for putting us up for a night.

Brian Kachinsky

I was all beat up and not looking forward to doing laundry when I got home. I came home and I had brand new shirts from both DK and UGP waiting at my doorstep. This delayed the laundry and increased the sleep time. Thanks guys! Last weekend was the Redbull Flugtag on North Ave. Beach here in Chicago. Good times, good laughs…so many humans.

Red Bull Flutag

Red Bull Flutag

I'm back in the Midwest for the next week or so finishing up some last minute filming for the next issue of Props that should be out next month!

And Up Next…

September 17-22: Mexico X-games in Mexico City!
These events never disappoint, and neither does Mexico. With guys like Van Homan, Aaron Ross, Garrett Reynolds, etc. it’s going to be insane. I've never been to Mexico City either but I've heard it’s HUGE. I hope I get to ride some street there. The last time I was in Mexico was for John Heaton's wedding last summer, and this was the first pic I found from the wedding. Ay Carumba

September 24-26: Interbike, Las Vegas, Nevada
Interbike, oh Interbike… Always a good time. I love how this year's NORA Cup (AKA, BMX's best party of the year) is the first night of the show this year. Things will start off with a bang, that's for sure. I can't wait. I wish everyone with a BMX bike could attend NORA Cup—it’s that good. During the day I'll be wandering around the DK/System Cycle booth as well as Maxxis, UGP, 661 and everyone else’s booth. The whole BMX section of the show is always impressive and makes me proud to be a part of something so cool. Especially compared to some others. Go check out some non-BMX booths and you'll know what I'm talking about. It’s always awesome to see everyone and check out their new products. Last year I met Gene Simmons at the Hard Rock. This year I'm hoping to see Flava Flav or Lindsey Lohan passed out in the back alley of Circus Circus. Expect the unexpected.

See ya'll soon!

*Check out these photos that Brian sent over from his travels…