Text by Brad Simms.

Top Three Places I’ve Traveled

#1 – South Africa
I would have to say that South Africa is the most amazing place I have ever been in my life. A lot of people might get a bad impression of it from what they show on TV, but what people don’t know is what they show on TV is the worst of the worst. Yeah, we ran across some slum areas, but it was beautiful! And the most amazing place that was in the slums was called “Valley Of A Thousand Hills,” or Indigo. The name speaks for itself—thousands and thousands of green mountains with rivers running everywhere and a massive, nine-foot-tall mini ramp right in the middle of it! As for a variety of things to ride, they have everything. The most groomed trails I have ever seen are in Cape Town. They have people working on jumps that have nothing to do with BMX. Middle-aged men who come home from a nine-to-five job that grab a shovel just because they like to dig. I thought that was crazy! But everyone has a passion for something, right? The two things that topped it off were how cheap it is for us to go there, and the lions. One US dollar is equivalent to seven rand. (Rand is the South African currency.) We went to a lion park and played with seven-month-old lion cubs. They were amazing! When we drove through the trail, the grown lions just walked up to the cars and started pulling at the bike racks and putting their paws on the windows. If you ever get the chance to get there, you will know you have more than you could ever need back in the States.

Big ole tailwhip high out of a quarter in New York.  credit: Ryan Fudger

#2 – Germany
Europe is definitely way more laid back than America. I noticed that when I saw a fourteen-year-old purchase a beer—that made my jaw drop. As for riding, they have everything you could imagine and probably some of the best street stuff I have ever seen. Berlin is the only part that I have ever been to, which was in early August for Rebeljam. All of the European kids there were super nice and beautiful women were everywhere—there is just something catchy about European girls.

Being a tourist is almost fun as riding all of the cool spots. Germany has a lot of character that you don’t see in America. The only thing that I didn’t like was not having extra money in my pockets like other countries I’ve been to. The Euro is stronger than the dollar, but it’s definitely worth spending the extra money.

That is a huge rail. Wait for the real photos/footage…  credit: Ryan Fudger

#3 – Singapore
Singapore was actually my first trip ever leaving America, back in April. I honestly thought that no trip would top it because of the amazing resort we stayed at for two weeks. Amazing beaches, people, and the craziest malls and strip malls I have ever seen. The country is very small—kind of like a city wrapped in a jungle. It is probably the most humid place on Earth! It’s either rain or shine there. Nothing less than 100% humidity everyday. You can easily tour the Country in two days. The coolest thing there was the merlion. (Like a mermaid, but with the head of a lion.) There were three merlions, but this one was immense and it spit water about 50 feet out of its mouth. There is not a lot to ride, but the street stuff that I saw was really good. I didn’t jump on too many things though because I read how crazzy the law is there. Maybe that’s because it was the cleanest place ever I’ve ever been? In two weeks time I think I saw six pieces of trash on the street. If you decide to go there you’ll have fun, but be on your best behavior because people get caned for breaking the law. And don’t get caught spitting on the ground, because you will get fined.

Top Three Places I Want To Travel To

#1 – New Zealand
New Zealand is the number one place I want to go because I think it’s going to be just as beautiful as South Africa. The only expectation I have is to see the whole country in two weeks. It shouldn’t be too hard because it’s a small country. I plan on going sometime this year or next, but as for right now I am trying to squeeze it in before Christmas.

Straight chillin’. Ohio…  credit: Fat Tony

#2 – Australia
I want to see a kangaroo, ride all of the crazy spots in Australia, and go to the beaches and see what Corey Bohan is talking about. I am actually going there in October for two weeks, so you already know how excited I am! Clear water, nice people, amazing country, beautiful women, and I have friends there, so I don’t think it lacks anything! And I want to hear an Australian chick speak English. Accents are the best!

#3 – Tasmania
I know nothing about this country besides that it looks like the farthest place you can fly to on the map, but I don’t know if riding even exists there. I’ve Googled it and pulled up some really interesting things, so I am ready to go. Show me a Tasmanian devil!

While staying in SoCal, Brad ventured down to Tijuana, Mexico where he almost got killed by these cops who thought they were trying to steal something. Shady Mexico…  credit: Ryan Fudger