Brad Simms’ Micreation Video Part – An Interview With Dave Jacobs: April 23, 2008

Brad Simms recently had an interview in the magazine and has just dropped an amazing video part. The section is only available through the Micreation web site and is on a new HD pay-per-view platform. We caught up with Micreation front man Dave Jacobs to get some more info about his new site, new video format, and Brad’s part.

How long have you and Brad been working on his video part?
Well, it’s been off and on over the last eight months or so. Brad travels a lot, so we filmed when we could.

What trick in thus part took the longest to film and why?
The one that took the longest was the gap over the brick pillar to manual to 180. Brad got the gap to manual every single time, but kept messing up on the 180. He blew his tire on one after trying it like 88 times nonstop. I have an HD camera so I can count the amount of times he tried it—88 is no exaggeration. Then he fixed his tire and came back and no joke tried it nonstop another 78 times. Then got it on the 79th. I don’t know where he gets that kind of energy. Its’ crazy.

Where was all this footage filmed and what equipment was used to produce the video?Alot of the footage was contributed by Chad Shackelford, Justin Kosman, Ryan Navasio, and Mike Manzorri. It was filmed all over the United States, and South Africa. When I was filming I used an HVX-200 camera with a lens bastard for the fisheye shots.

Where do you see web videos going in the future? Not many people have put this much work into online video parts…
I see web and TV merging in some way. I mean look at the apple TV. You can watch high-def videos that you download on your TV. I see it going in that direction.

You put out Eli Platt’s part last year on a custom widget and now you made a custom pay-per-view player in HD for Brad’s part; how intense is it to build these custom players and where do to think to will take them?
Well, the widget took a while because I had to learn a lot as I went. Once that was built, the HD player was just an extension of that. So it wasn’t too bad. Just time consuming. As far as where it will go, we will see. As people get faster connections and better computers the sky is the limit as far as quality and download speed go.

Anything else going on we should know about?
Lots of new projects in the works. To get updates check out Also, System Cycle is now the exclusive distributor of Micreation in the U.S. Any shops interested in becoming a Micreation dealer can contact System at

Click here to go to the new Micreation site and watch Brad’s new video spot!
NOTE: You can view the trailer on the site for free. To view the full video part, you’ll need to sign up with a username and password. You can then purchase the video “rental” for two weeks for just $2. But if you are one of the first 50 people to use our special coupon code, you’ll get it for free. Use code: E80CCE335F

Here is the official press release that prompted this interview:
There are some big changes at Micreation.

The new Micreation website is now live. You can see it at There are several features that are worth mentioning. First off, we have implemented a new way to view the videos that we release. We have a new custom HD video player for the web. You can watch videos in standard definition for slower connections, and in HD for faster connections like DSL. You can also view the videos in full screen. The player also features a drop down menu where you can choose to watch videos of unused clips, outtakes, and wrecks. Some videos will allow you to download the song and wallpaper images for your computer. Its basically an online interactive DVD.

The videos that we release in this new format are not your run of the mill low quality web videos. These are high quality productions. The video spots that we release of the riders are full video parts. Brad Simm’s video spot is the first release in this new format. It was filmed over an eight month period, and Brad really came through with an incredible part. DJ Figure produced the exclusive track “Get Me Away From Those”, for it that can be downloaded from the player.

These videos are in a pay per view format. It costs $2 for two weeks access to watch Brad’s video spot, bonus features, and download the song and wallpaper image. The profits go towards the Micreation riders, and bringing you progressively better videos in the future.

We also did a re-release of Eli Platt’s 2007 video spot that many people have already seen. It plays through the new HD player so the quality is way better. Bonus features include unused clips, outtakes, wrecks, and you can download an Eli Platt wallpaper image. It is free to watch Eli’s video.

Finally, the last major change is that System Cycle is now the exclusive U.S. distributor of Micreation. Any shops interested in becoming a Micreation dealer can contact System at

Thanks goes out to the Micreation crew, and everyone that has supported Micreation in one way or another. You know who you are. The new line and more video releases are coming soon. For updates, go to

Dave Jacobs