Over the years, BMX rims have evolved not only to withstand the insane levels of abuse from riding, but to accommodate the change in styles and what is and isn’t necessary. Now days, triple walls and excessively tall sidewalls sound insane in comparison to what we ride these days. Animal Bikes new Steamroller rims are a look at just how far things have come from the old days. These rims utilize a rounded aero design that is made from 6061 aluminum with a beefy 40mm width and 389mm ERD (effective rim diameter). These brakeless rims were designed with the goal of withstanding some serious abuse out in the streets, and it’s safe to say they’ve accomplished that because they had a list of heavy hitters put them through the paces. Animal had Colin Varanyak, Charles LittleJohn, Ben Lewis, Demarcus Paul, Grimaldo and George Duran do the testing on the prototypes and they stood up to everything they could throw at them and were ready for more! These rims are not only strong, but they look super clean with the smooth rounded shape.

If you’re on the hunt for a fresh set of rims that can hold up to everything you can throw at them, and you don’t have any plans of throwing your brakes back on, the new Steamroller rims from Animal are up for that challenge. Available in 36-hole with Black for the only color and a weight of 18 oz. (1.125 lbs.), you can pick up the Steamroller rim through BMX shops and mail-orders that carry Animal Bikes worldwide, and in the Animal Bikes Animal Bikes webstore for $74.99 now.

You can learn more about Animal Bikes and their products by visiting AnimalBikes.com.

Animal Bikes Steamroller Rim Details
– Brakeless Design
– 6061 aluminum construction
– 40mm width
– 389mm ERD
– Weight: 18 oz. (1.125 lbs.)
– Price: $74.99

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