BOMBSHELL INC. is proud to announce the release of its new and innovative method for solving an age old problem with BMX race frames. The PATENT PENDING VPS(tm) (V-Brake Position System) allows the use of a 20″ x 1 1/8″ or 1 3/8 TIRE to be used in a PRO-SIZED frame. It also can be used to accept a 20″ x 1.5″ or 1 3/4″ TIRE in an EXPERT or SMALLER sized frame. The VPS(tm) can also be used on Cruiser sized rims as well.

Prior to the release of the BOMBSHELL VPS(tm), expensive LONG REACH brakes had to be used to get the brake pad in the optimal location, often compromising the wheel base of the bike to get the brake pads to contact the rim.

The VPS(tm) is CNC Machined from high strength 6061-T6 for flex free braking. VPS(tm) is easily installed by simply removing your existing brake post and installing the included low profile securing bolt then reinstalling the brake post into the VPS(tm) mount. The VPS(tm) can be mounted in either direction for the needed 19mm offset.

Used by Elite Girl Pro Alise Post.

The suggested retail of the VPS(tm) is $39 US and can be purchased thru FLY RACING, Seattle Bike Supply, or directly from Bombshell.

Contact Bombshell toll free at 888-2-RACE-IT or 619-448-4508.

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