BMX Rider Dies In Indonesia – RIP: Muhammad Faisal

I truly hate to report this, but a 20 year old BMX rider in Indonesia recently passed away due to injuries sustained after falling from a double peg stall on a skatepark railing.

The following information and photos were sent to us from a rider named Dicky Rowley in Indonesia. Dicky’s English is quite broken, so we have paraphrased the best we could from his message to us…

On Saturday, February 5, 2011, at around 10am a group of riders from Karawang, Indonesia got together. They didn’t have plans of riding, but when Muhammad Faisal showed up he was in high spirits and got the crew motivated to start riding.

Muhammad was not wearing a helmet as he tried to do a double peg stall on a railing out of a quarterpipe. He almost pulled it on his first attempt. The second time he went for the stall he was going a bit faster, crashed, and fell from about eight feet and landed on his head.

He was immediately brought to the hospital. He suffered bleeding on the brain. Despite having what they were told was a successful surgery that night, three days later, around 4pm on Wednesday, February 9th, Muhammad passed away.

Muhammad’s friends in Indonesia, and all of us here at Ride encourage you to wear a helmet when riding.

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And of course, feel free to leave positive comments and well wishes here on this post for Muhammad’s family and friends.