Calvin Kosovich has spent the last two years gradually stacking clips for this five minute masterpiece of no frills, straight up burly street section. From Perth, Melbourne, up and down the California coast, and all the way to the East Coast. Deadman all the way through.

Shout out to the people that help Calvin out:

Photo: Jake Corless

Switch snaggle, regular snaggle. Photo by: Jake Corless

We’ve chilled on a couple of occasions, but let’s start with the basics for everyone else. You’re Calvin, you enjoy riding BMX, and…
Filming people on bikes, making music on my Washburn, playing the harp, and a celebration with alcohol and cigarettes? Simple man.

You just recently moved out to California from Perth, Australia… What was the reason(s) for the move?
I basically got out of school at the age of 15 and started a plumbing and gas fitting apprenticeship, which continued until March of this year. Eight years of hard work and hell…I needed a change of life and scenery. Riding for the New York company Kink gave me an opportunity to obtain an athlete visa within the USA and I took it. Here we are now, couldn’t be happier.

How shitty is the Visa process to get out here officially?
Fuck, it was hell for me only because the lawyers I was working with gave me incorrect information before I left for a KINK trip in Mexico City. They told me I could issue my visa while I was in the USA and just drive to Tijuana to get my passport stamped. That wasn’t the case and I had to return to Perth, Australia, which if you don’t know is a 25-hour plane ride from LAX. Costly exercise but I managed to drink with the boys back home once again before the big move.

Photo: Jake Corless

Over crook. Photo: Jake Corless

I know Dakota came back from his trip to Perth touting the spots as incredible, how do they compare to the infamous Cali spots?
Perth spots are within reasonable driving distances and traffic isn’t a problem. The streets are untapped and have a lot to offer, I’d say Dak filmed that whole part in like a 5-mile radius around Fremantle. Cali can be hard to go spot to spot and you usually find yourself getting to one or two spots a day. Cali spots though, the cleanest setups and if your willing to travel and get off the couch you will go far in the Video part business here.

Gotta ask what it’s like living with and in Bohan’s house?
Just feels like I’m in Australia then we hit a bar and I realize we have to tip ha, its rad here just shoot air rifles and drink jack. Corey’s the man can’t thank him enough for giving me a head start over here, legend!

Overall, how’s California treating you? You staying for a long while, right?

The summer just passed and it was really good on and off the BMX. Met some rad people and managed to see most of California drove to SF, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, SD, does TJ count? I’m stuck here until 2017 according to the homeland security just got to play my cards right and not get into any trouble. I’ll head back to Australia for a month over the summer and see the family and friends.

Your riding is far from the normal ledge nibbles…who was your influence growing up?
The videos made me this way [laughs]; Graeme Scott’s debut Video “How Hard Is It” is a classic example. The riding is gnar and that's how it is in Perth with a majority of the Bmxer’s. Dude’s like Daniel Jamieson, Jamie Mauri, Alex Liiv, Boots, Brad Coller and Dylan Matthews were so fuckin’ gnarly in those days and still are now. Oh and I snapped my foot in half messing around on a ledge in 2011 so maybe that was the breaking point? Calculated risks for life.

This video we’re dropping today is five minutes of fucking heaviness…how long have you been filming?
It’s been vaulted footage from nearly 2 years of filming, filmed with a lot of help from friends in-between minor injuries. I had a really good run with this part.

Photo: Jake Corless

Photo: Jake Corless

What’s the filming process like for you? I obviously recognize a couple spots from previous videos (like you did gap to pegs on the rail you did gap to crook on in a previous edit)…
Yeah I basically will make edits through out the process of filming with B roll and second best footage, then save the better clips for a longer production. Time is crucial for me, you can’t always go out and send yourself expecting to land every trick—chill and all good will come in the end.

Always wanted to ask… What’s up with Australians and massive rails? And especially massive rails into grass? Those things just don’t exist in America, yet there seems to be a thousand of them over there…
Ha, I’ve noticed the rails here have grass run-ups and paved landings. Must be a south/ north hemisphere thing ha, I think we’ve just cultivated big rails its in our blood lines now. I’m waiting for a TV series to follow Aussies around searching out big rails and sending them, like big wave surfers do. Maybe one day ha.

You joined up with the Kink crew a little while back. How’d that come about?
Yeah it's been a year now and every things been awesome, Jay’s hooked it up good. Jay emailed me in July last year and offered me a spot on the AM team with a bunch of traveling involved, I was still riding for THE SET at the time and sat on it for 2 months before making my decision. Sometimes you got to move on to get to new places.

Photo: Jake Corless

Nollie in Norcal. Photo: Jake Corless

What’s it like being on the road with those dudes?
We did the Turndown the Suck tour a couple months ago with 15 team riders and the only weird thing on the trip is everyone got along perfectly. The team works well and Tony makes everybody loose their minds laughing. If KINK can get through sleeping in a Wal-Mart car lot, KINK can get through anything.

Anything new in the works with them? Any crazy trips planned for next year yet?
I could only image what Jays got planned for next year hopefully start working on a Video, Sorry Jay ha. Lets start one though, for real dawg.

You’re in Riverside (boonies) now, any plans to make the move to LA or SD?
[Laughs] It’s really hot here. Definitely would like to move towards SD, I stayed in West Hollywood for 2 months last year and its awesome but you start become a bar ornament. Still worth the good times but I’d say SD would be more productive as a street style BMXer.

Any thanks?
Ryan Fudger for the interview, thanks mate! This may be long but these people are awesome, here’s too the good times. Graeme Scott and Callan Stibbards thanks for the film work and shredding see you boy’s soon. Jordan Dentamaro cheer’s for making me drunk in times of pain, it’s an honor to drink scotch with you. The DL crew Rex Cubic, Luke Cridland, Liam Thomas, Tim Cawthorne get to Cali already! Jamie Mauri and Jay Wilson high times ahead. Jay Roe and Darryl Tocco at KINK BMX. Jerry Badders and Jamie Hart at Vans, the shoes that saved all those heal bruises. Justin Kosman it's been a treat working with you and hanging out mate. Ryan “Biz” Jordan, you're a strange man but thanks for the filming hand and sweet times. Christian Rigal for those dreamy SD spots and a spot to crash, cheers mate! John Cardiel for the Sacramento spots, I still owe you a few beers. Mikey over at Local BMX, the wheels are still true. Nate Richter for the hospitality when I arrived in LA, Legend! Marc Urlich here’s to LA last year and helping out with the filming process, yours sincerely Kevin. Jake Coreless the legend who shot the photos for this article, appreciation HOWWWWL. Rowland S Howard. Townes Van Zandt. Family, Dad Mum Sister Brother, see you’s soon.