Matt Closson’s heavy hitting opening section in Blunted Athletics’ latest DVD, “Forever Rolling”.

“Matt Closson opens up the Forever Rolling DVD for various reasons. From always holding down the whole crew with a place to stay, spots, and good times in his hometown of Las Vegas… to being the first one to get BUCK and film something crazy on the first day of a trip. Matt’s riding speaks for itself and it’s hard to ignore how dedicated and passionate Matt is to BMX. He worked real hard on this section and I personally feel it’s a masterpiece regardless of the fact that he was only able to film on trips we went on together (unlike the rest of the squad who all reside in AZ). So much respect for the guy and I’m exited as ever for his new endeavors” – Tammy McCarley

Filmed by edited by Tammy McCarley and Lahsaan Kobza

Cover photo by Wes McGrath