Bike Inspection
Danny’s Powerlite Coqpit XXL

Frame: Powerlite Coqpit XXL, red
Forks: Powerlite, black
Stem: GT Piston XXL, black
Bars: S&M Slam bars, black
Headset: Chris King, black
Pads: Powerlite “Old-school,” black
Plate: Knucklebone
Grips: ODI Longnecks, black
Brake Lever: Shimano XTR
Rear Brake: Shimano XTR
Brake Cable: “Something slippery w/Teflon, from the bike shop.”
Seat: Powerlite embroidered
Seat Post: Shimano XTR, chrome
Tires: Tioga Comp III: front: 20″ x 2.125″, rear: 20″ x 1.75″
Rims: Mavic 32-hole
Hubs: G Technique “They’re made over in France. Thomas Allier’s dad either manufacturer’s them or has them built by somebody. They’re the best hubs to date that I’ve ran.”
Pedals: GT platforms, black
Cranks: GT Drive Shaft, 182mm, chrome
Bottom Bracket: GT sealed bearing
Sprocket: GT Overdrive, 44t, black
Freewheel: Shimano 16t
Chain: Sachs Sedis 3/32″, black
Add-ons: Homemade chain guide, GT chain tensioners.

Race Equipment
Helmet: Troy Lee D-2
Leathers: AXO Team Issue made for Powerlite
Jersey: Powerlite
Gloves: AXO Padlock 9
Eyewear: Spy goggles
Shoes: Vans Cab 5
Shin Guards: AXO “Under leathers all the time, whether it’s practice or racing.”

Let’s talk about the add-ons. You’ve got a special chain guide on the back.
Yeah, it’s basically just a safety device for the few times in your career that you throw a chain. Generally chains come off in the rear of a bike¿on the inside of the freewheel. I have a little guide built-up so the chain runs through and it keeps the chain from being able to move around and hop off the bike.
Are your bars cut at all?
Yeah, I cut 1/4″ off each side.
Is your seat post cut?
Yeah, it’s cut short. I run it low.
How much air pressure do you usually use?
They’re hard, I run them about 70 lbs. usually.
How often do you change frames?
I change out frames every four months roughly. Lately I’ve had to run them a little longer, but as a general rule of thumb, I try to get rid of them every four months.
How would you say yourbike’s set up?
I’d say it’s probably a little tall, a little long, but that’s becoming more normal in the pro class. A lot of bikes are getting taller and longer with the bars further forward.
Have you moved your bars forward?
No, it’s always been how I’ve ran it. When I was an amateur my bike was ridiculously long. That’s probably what my riding style is built around. I’ve toned everything down, brought my bars back, shortened my bike up, got shorter cranks, and went to an easier gear. All these things since I’ve been pro. It used to be a lot more extreme than it is now.
Do you do all the work on your bike yourself or does someone do it for you?
I have to work on my bike myself. When I was an amateur I had no problems letting my dad work on my bike; changing gears, doing whatever. Now that it’s my job, and the level where things are at, I have to know that I’ve tightened my rear wheel before I go out on the gate. I’m the only one that touches it.
How often do you work on your bike?
As I need to work on it. Things like changing freewheels I like to change every three races or so. I go through a lot of freewheels just because I’m paranoid about that stuff. Other than that, I address things as they come up.
What’s the longest amount of time your bike’s stayed in the box?
(laughter) This year not very long, maybe a week at a time. In the last handful of yyears I’ve probably left it in for three weeks before (laughter).
Do you have a good set of tools?
Yeah, they’re pretty decent. I have a habit now of going to Sears and going through the tool section, they sell Craftsman. My tool selection has been growing like wildfire since I’ve got on to the Sears thing. I believe in a good set of tools. I bought myself a roll-away box and I’m filling it up (laughter).