Marc Meeuswissen is part of one the rawest street crews in BMX, SAF. And now he’s got the bike to back it up. His custom made FBM Acid Giraffe frame is extra large for is giraffe like stature and features an integrated bashguard for some next level grind action, along with four 4.5″ Animal Lino OG pegs for some marathon distance full-speed feeble grinds on unwaxed ledges. This bike is literally, street as fuck.

Height: 6’4″
Weight: 201 lbs.
Location: In the van. [Currently, Austin, Texas]
Sponsors: Animal Bikes, FBM Bike Co, Team SAF

What I Ride - Marc Meeuwissen

Frame: FBM Acid Giraffe
Fork: Odyssey R32
Bars: Odyssey Highway
Stem: Odyssey TL48
Grips: ODI Longneck
Barends: ODI
Headset: Odyssey Conical
Clamp: XLC
Seatpost: Deco
Seat: Odyssey Monogram Fat Capital
Pedals: Odyssey Grandstand
Cranks: Animal Akimbo
Sprocket: Odyssey 30-tooth
Chain: Shadow Conspiracy
Front Tire: Animal Monster Truck, 2.35"
Front Wheel: Animal Javelin hub (3x lace) to Odyssey 7KA and Animal guards.
Rear Tire: Animal Monster Truck, 2.35"
Rear Wheel: Animal Javelin Rear (3x lace) to Odyssey 7KA and Animal guards.
Pegs: Animal LinOG, 4.5"
Brakes: Odyssey Springfield
Lever: Odyssey Springfield

Give us the breakdown of your custom frame, what are some of the specs and features?
The main features of my frame are a 21.75″ top tube, a 10″ standover height, a beautiful gloss raw finish, and this built in steel bash guard. A big bike built to take a beating. This frame is a dream come true, honestly. I can’t stress enough how thankful I am for everyone that has made this bike a reality. It’s not even just a bicycle to me; it’s perfection that is constructed by some great guys that I can all call my friends. Some men who will shred and then let you set up camp in their yard. FBM is a company by riders for riders. You have to remember that FBM isn’t out to make a million dollars—they are actually riders who want to build awesome bikes. Call John Lee and the rest of the guys at FBM’s warehouse and say hey!

The standout feature on your bike is that bashguard, so why don't you elaborate on that a little more…
I honestly don’t know why bash guards aren’t standard on BMX bikes. Maybe the weight wieners were scared or some dorks were too focused on how pretty their bikes look. The simple addition of a bash guard opens up tons of new opportunities to grind and stall things with no risk of bending your sprocket or breaking your chain. Simple as that.

Is your frame called the Acid Giraffe? And what is the story behind the name?
Head honcho, Steve Crandall, decided to call me Acid Giraffe regardless of me never using LSD in my lifetime. I guess I’m a tall space-case sometimes, but whatever. I consider myself lucky to have a dork like Cranman come up with a silly nickname for me. That guy has morphed BMX to be as rad as it is. The world needs more Steve Crandall.

You're running metal pegs with three plastic guards (and no drive side guard), what's up with the identity crisis?
[Laughs] Checking me Z? The core of the guards are all metal. I don’t think hub guards really need to be too strong; they just need to take up the space where a rail or ledge would get caught up. The plastic is actually advantageous, because upon impact the plastic takes the impact instead of bending the hub guard into your spokes. It may crack but the replacements are readily available. As far as the drive side guard, I have always chose not to run one because they also bend and lock up your driver. If anyone has a recommendation for something that can hold up, let me know.

The Animal hubs look sick! I know they don't come raw, so what's up with those?
Animal has done a limited release of some of these raw hubs. I’m pretty sure they are Lil Jeff’s signature colorway, but don’t quote me on that. You can ask the guys at Animal for them if anyone wants to get their hands on a pair.

Why are you running an adjustable seatpost clamp?
Man, the adjustable clamp is something I’ve always wanted and I finally found one that fits. I believe its 25.4 or 26.4mm for those interested. With that internally ovalized Deco post, I pop that seat all the way up to cruise from spot to spot and then drop it back down to a reasonable height to get it out of my way.

Describe your bike for us… What makes it your ride?
2.35″ MTT’s at 90 psi is a must. I can monster truck through nearly anything with those tires. I usually try to keep my chain very tight because I don’t like my cranks spinning around on me. The only other thing would be my brakes; I like to keep them nice and tight with nearly no play in the lever at all.

What are you most particular about on your bike?
Steel pegs, brakes, and I can’t stand grips that get gummy and sticky!

Setup/part wise, what was the last big change you made? And why?
I went back to some metal pedals for the first time since the [Odyssey] JCPC pedals came out. They feel stiffer, but I need to get used to the amount of drag that they create when I put my foot down while grinding.