Following up on the news of Shane Weston getting picked up by Stolen, we’ve got a first look at his new ride—featuring a Stolen Highjack frame built with Eclat parts.

Height: 6′
Weight: 170 lbs.
Location: Nashville, TN
Sponsors: Stolen Bikes, Eclat, Dans Comp, Fuse pads

Frame: Stolen Highjack (Jackson Ratima signature), 20.75"
Fork: Eclat Coda
Bars: Eclat Olive, 9.6″
Stem: Eclat Burns V2
Grips: Stolen Team
Barends: Kink
Headset: Eclat Cargo
Seatpost: Eclat Torch
Seat: Eclat OZ, Pivotal
Pedals: Eclat Plaza
Cranks: Eclat Spire 
Sprocket: Eclat Vent, 25-tooth
Chain: Eclat Stroke
Front Tire: Eclat Ridgestone 2.4"
Front Wheel: Eclat Mercury rim, Blind hub, Blind guard
Rear Tire: Eclat Ridgestone 2.4"
Rear Wheel: Eclat Mercury rim, Blind hub, Blind guard
Pegs: Eclat Venom, 4.5″

You're riding the Jackson Ratima HighJack frame… how does it feel so far?
I'm loving it so far, feels strong and can take a beating.

Has there been any talk of a signature frame or anything else through Stolen yet?
Yes! I’m very excited to get started on that along with some other items! Be on the look out!

Why do you refuse to ride any other éclat pedals other than then Plaza?
Man, they're just amazing. So strong with that body! I’ve also never felt a pedal that was actually comfortable on my feet until these.

I understand you're also loyal to éclat Ridgestone tires… why?
They look so tough, last forever, and most importantly the grip is perfect!

How much slack do you run on your coaster?
I prefer a little slack. Sometimes I like to use the slack for certain tricks.

Describe your bike for us… What makes it your ride?
I like my bars slightly forward, but nothing crazy. Always low PSI for more gentle landings. Semi loose chain. And two pegs because it's so damn sexy!

What are you most particular about on your bike?
I always tighten up the internals in my pedals so they don't spin.

How often do you work on your bike? Do you like it keep it super dialed or do you let get sloppy and just get used to it?
It varies. I hate to let it get sloppy, but it does sometimes. I prefer my bike to not make any noises when I do the bounce test.


In case you missed it first time around, here’s Shane’s Welcome To Stolen video that dropped last week…