After making the move from longtime sponsor United over to Kink a couple of months ago, Nathan Williams has been riding a whole new bike—along with some prototype Cinema parts as well. Here’s an indepth look into Nathan’s current ride and a quick catch up interview too!

Height: 5’10
Weight: 165
Location: Nashville, TN
Sponsors:  Kink, Etnies, Cinema, SourceBMX, Antidote

Frame: Kink Solace 3
Fork: Kink CST
Bar:  Kink Solace 2
Grip: Kink Samurai
Stem: Kink Bold TL
Headset: Kink Ti, ceramic
Cranks: Kink Pillar
BB: Kink
Pedals: Kink Senec
Sprocket: Cinema Rewind, (Nathan Williams signature)
Chain: Cult
Seat:  Kink Sexton
Front Wheel: Cinema VX2
Rear Wheel:  Cinema FX Coaster
Tyres: Kink Sever
Pegs: Kink Drift 

You just spent a week in Hastings filming at the SOURCE PARK. How did it go?
It went good! It's always nice to get a chance to hang out with everybody there.

You have obviously been to Hastings/The Source Park a bunch of times and worked with James Cox for years. Did that help or hinder you when filming? Oh, it definitely helped! It's always nice to be comfortable and vibe with the people you're filming with.

After riding for the same company for so many years and having signature products, with the jump from United to Kink, what's it like getting on to a completely new horse, so to speak?
Well, I have to be honest it was a little strange at first. I had ridden essentially the same geometry for a long time with little changes here and there. But it didn’t take long to get used to, and now it feels amazing!

Did you try to set up your new Kink bike as close to your old United setup as possible? Have you tried anything new?
Yes, I looked at the geometry on all the parts and frames and tried to pick something that was closer to my old setup, but also just closer to what I prefer. I did change the bars up, actually. They are Tony Hamlin’s signature Solace 2 bars and they have a little more backsweep and upsweep then my old bars. I’m pretty particular to the way my front end feels, so that took a little longer to get used to.

Are there any Kink parts that standout to you that you're really hyped on?
Well, to be honest, I’m really hyped on the whole setup. In particular though, I’m loving the frame. It’s the Hamlin Solace 3 frame. It’s got the built-in chain tensioners, which I’ve never had before and I know that sounds like a small detail, but they really do make a huge difference. The bottom bracket is a little lower as well which helps with spin stuff.

You’ve got a Kink trip to Albuquerque coming up… who all is going on that? And are you pretty familiar with the whole squad already? Anyone you haven't had the pleasure of riding with yet?
The crew for ABQ is Chris Doyle, Travis Hughes, Chad Osburn, Dan Coller, Calvin Kosovich, and Matt Gutierrez. I have been around the whole crew quite a bit already except for Chad and Matt. But I’ve heard great things so I’m excited!

Are you still running the prototype Cinema 888 rims and sample FX2 freecoaster? What else can you tell us about those?
Yep! They’ve made the rim way more rounded and smooth—made for the streets! [Laughs] And they’ve been holding up really well for me. I’ve been putting a beating on them while filming on the current trip I’m on right now.

Your signature Cinema Rewind sprocket looks really minimal, was that the goal when designing it? Or did it just kinda work out that way?
Eh… it just kinda worked out that way I guess. Which is perfect though because that’s what I like. Minimal is key [laughs]. I like the guard sprockets so you never have to worry about your chain… but in my opinion it looks way cleaner and simple without it, so that’s what we went with.

Let's talk a little more about your iTunes video project with Christian Rigal. Even though every video ends up in the digital realm in one way or another nowadays, what are your thoughts on filming for a video intended specifically for iTunes. Are you looking at the project any differently? Taking a different approach?
Well I know it’s great to film something and just put it out there for free, but we just wanted to do something that maybe went a little more in the other direction on adding some value to video parts. Everybody puts so much time and effort into making something they are happy with that it’s kinda nice to pay a couple dollars for it. At least that’s what I think. I happily buy videos and video parts all the time on iTunes and it’s nice to have it on my phone or computer all the time—even when I don't have service. And it’s not that we think this project or the other ones Christian is working on with Demarcus and Corey are any better or deserve to be paid for, but with the way the industry is hurting so much as well, it’s a way to pay for some hotels and gas money [laughs]. And also, it's a good way to put out and promote all of my sponsors at once instead of just for one at a time.

What's the latest with Antidote? Did you and James Cox have a chance to get into anything while you were over there?
James and I didn’t have a chance to film at all for Antidote stuff while I was over. I had to be back to film some Cinema stuff with Will [Stroud] and we were so busy while I was in England filming the Source Lock In stuff that there wasn’t much time. Hopefully in the near future though!

As opposed to a bicycle parts company or a large shoe brand, what's it like to be a part of a smaller, niche brand like Antidote?
Well, James has been my friend for over 10 years now. He’s an amazing filmer, artist, and graphics designer, so I love to be apart of anything he’s doing. Years ago actually I was staying at his house and he said he wanted me to give him a little stick and poke tattoo. I’m completely shit at drawing, but he had this book of chemical symbols, and the one I thought looked the best and most doable for myself was the symbol for Arsenic [laughs]. Which just happens to be the Antidote logo now [laughs]. I didn’t pick the antidote stuff, but it’s pretty cool how it all kinda worked out!

Coming off such a huge project like the Chapters video, what's on the horizon with Etnies?
Hopefully trying to get a few trips going for the web and focus a little more on that side of things for this year.

Any thanks?
Marc and Rich for having me over, James for being a wizard, Tom and Judith for letting me stay at their house and cooking amazing meals!