Bike Check: Kris Fox

Name: Kris Fox
Age: 23
Sponsors: SE Bikes, Demolition Parts, Sullen Art Collective, Pull-In Underwear

Kris blasts a full speed transfer at The Crater at Woodward West. Photo: Brady

Frame: SE Heavy Hitter
Fork: Demolition Concorde
Headset: Demolition
Stem: Demolition Stealth
Bars: Demolition Open Bar
Grips: Demolition Missle
Tires: Demolition Momentum rear, Demolition Machete front
Rear Hub: Demolition Rogue
Rear Rim: Demolition Zero
Front Hub: Demolition Phantom
Front Rim: Demolition Zero
Cranks: Demolition Revolt
Pedals: Demolition PC
Chain: Half link
Sprocket: Demolition Merit, 25t
Seat: Demolition D-Seat
Post: Demolition Pivotal


Let’s start with the basics-you ride full speed at damn near everything and aren’t afraid to go fast, high and far. You also have a background in racing-how is your bike setup in general?
My bike setup is pretty basic actually. I like to have a few spacers under a front load stem with 8.25″ rise bars just to have them at a medium height, not to high or low. I set my rear wheel in the center of my drop out and I am good to go.

What type of gear ratio and PSI are you running? What are your reasons for each?
I run a 25-9 gear ratio and 110 PSI in my tires. Most people usually think I ride a taller gear ratio than I actually do, but I like smaller gears. I just like the feeling of being on top of my gear instead of pushing it all the time. I run 110 PSI in my tires because nothing feels worse to me than my tires folding off lips, quarters, and carving through bowl corners, ha ha. I feel like a harder tire holds speed more as well.

You keep your bike clean and looking good at all times. How come?
Ha ha, yeah most of my friends joke around with me about how much I am cleaning my bike. I feel like if I get on my bike and it is all clean and dialed in, it will ride better than if it was all dry and creaking. Plus, if people are nice enough to support me with bikes and product, I feel like there is a mutual respect to take care of it.

You’re very involved in SE beyond riding and work for them. What’s your job title and what do you do?
Yeah, Todd Lyons and SE Bikes were rad enough to basically take me into their family. I play some team manager roles by getting things organized with trips, getting riders product, things along those lines. I also get the opportunity to work with the Wildman one on one which is sick because he is a legend himself and he lived the BMX era that I look up to like crazy. I get crash courses on BMX history.

As previously mentioned, you have a background in racing, which is becoming less and less common in the freestyle world these days. How do you feel that’s influenced your riding?
I feel like it has helped me with my bike control for sure. Growing up as a young kid pumping and flowing around a track definitely helped because thats the only thing I do when I ride a skatepark or trails now, ha ha. I usually just drop in and go with the flow by pumping a bowl corner or berm and getting over whatever comes in front of me the best way that I can.

You also mentioned that you still race, did I hear that correctly?
No, I am not racing anymore. I got invited to the Red Bull R.Evolution speed and style race at then end of this month, and that I will be the first “race” for me in a few years.

What have you heard so far about the Red Bull R.Evolution contest so far, and what are your feelings on what they’re trying to do with the contest?
All I really know is that it sounds like so much fun and that is good enough for me! I am honestly so excited to get there and just ride practice and have as much fun as I can on my bike, ha ha. They seem like they are trying to put a twist on things and make a fun event to me. I look at it as progression and who knows what ideas or other things can come out of this. It is going to be an awesome event for sure.

You recently finished an edit for Demolition Parts. What’s your history like with the company and do you have anything going on with them for the rest of the year?
I have known about Demolition as a company for YEARS. I have always been stoked on their product and they have had/have so many of my idols riding on their team, so being a part of their company is a dream come true. I am the new guy on the team but everyone has been so welcoming and I can’t thank them enough. As of right now, I don’t have anything set in stone with them for the rest of the year, but I’ll still definitely be working on things and having as much fun as I can.

Anything else you’ve got going on for the rest of the year that you can shed some light onto?
Yes I do. I have the Red Bull R.Evolution speed and style race in Berlin Germany at the end of this month, in November-ish we have an over seas SE Bikes team trip that we are finishing up plans for, and I’m sure other things in between will pop up. It always seems like things come up out of the blue which is rad. Also, like I said before, I’ll be having as much fun on my bike as I possibly can.

Any last words, thanks, or shoutouts?
First, I definitely want to thank my family for all the support. Todd Lyons and everyone at SE Bikes, Brian Castillo / Joey Cobbs and everyone at Demolition Parts, Jeremy Hanna and everyone at Sullen Clothing, Arthur Deitrich and everyone at Pull-In Underwear, Shane Dogg and the Compound Ramp Park family, Ryan Brennan at Team Soil, Kyle Carlson, Dylan Pfohl, Brian Johnson, Matt Lee, all of my friends, all of my team mates, and anyone else who has helped me out along the way. I also want to say R.I.P Thomas Hancock, you will never be forgotten brother.