Name: Gary Young
Age: 28
Location: San Diego, California
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I'd be smiling too if I had all those prototype goods on there.

Frame: Sunday Soundwave (prototype)
Fork: Odyssey R32
Bars: Odyssey GY3
Stem: Odyssey Lincoln
Grips: Odyssey Gary Young
Wheels: Odyssey Antigram Hub rear (prototype), Vandero 2 front to GSport Birdcage rims
Hubguard: Prototype Odyssey Antigram (prototype)
Tires: Odyssey Path 2.10″ rear, Odyssey Aitken K-Lyte 2.25″ Front
Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt
Pedals: Odyssey JC PC
Sprocket: Odyssey Burlington
Chain: Odyssey Bluebird
Pegs: Odyssey Rifle

So what frame are you riding now?
It’s a prototype Sunday Soundwave.

Is this an updated version of the Wave series or…
Right, it’s a progression of the Wave series…we kind of changed it so much it didn’t make sense to name it sequentially…so since we did so many things differently to it this time, it’s the Soundwave. It’s got a steeper headtube and lower bottom bracket.

You’re no stranger to going big-how does the smaller backend and steeper headtube work with your riding?
Well I ran the Forecaster for a couple of years. When I first got on the team, I was on a prototype Third Wave.

Gary keeps his front end clean, trimming the steerer tube.

And that was pretty normal, sort of standard geometry, right?
Yeah. But it still felt poppy. Then when I got on the Forecaster…I think the lower bottom bracket made bunny hopping and pulling up so much better. So I was just so into that. But then I wanted a little bit longer of a backend than what is on the Forecaster and the rest of the team was on the same deal, so we just put our two cents in and now we’ve got the Soundwave.

What are you super particular about on your bikes?
Usually my seat is off a hair just for pinching and throwing the bars. I cut down my bars a little bit. I like to have my chain tight and my cranks tight…hub guards are a must for me…I use spray paint on my grips to keep ’em from sliding, I cut down the steerer tube so there’s no big chunk sticking out to hit my knee on.

I know you’ve got some prototype goods on there. Can you talk about any of them?
I’ve got a couple prototype things on my bike like this back hub that’s been working out really good, the Odyssey Antigram.

Odyssey's prototype Antigram hub and hub guard with aluminum Rifle pegs.

You and Aaron Ross have different versions of the Principal seat out from Odyssey. What’s your version all about?
My version is all about simplicity and grip. Basically, I like to do barspins and the best way to do that is if your seat holds onto to your pants, or your leg, or whatever is there you so can let them B’s go.

You’ve also got a signature grip…
I’ve got new grips in the works, waiting on samples right now.

Gary Young's signature grip from Odyssey.

What type of peg setup are you running these days? You’ve got a plastic on from time to time, when do you run that?
This is the first time I’ve run aluminum alloy pegs and they’re ridiculously light and grind pretty good. I’m feelin’ 'em. It’s crazy how light they are. I’ve never ridden a peg that’s this light.

For me, plastics have their uses. I don’t like to run them for everything. Like when I’m riding a wood ramp and street, I like the feel of raw metal, but on concrete they are so much nicer. It doesn’t do any damage to skateparks…so you pretty much have to. It’s awesome showing up to a skatepark where you know dudes are vibin’ and they’re like, “bikes break things” and you reply, “I have plastic pegs, plastic pedals, plastic bar ends…there’s nothing on my bike that can do any damage. Your skateboard does more damage than my bike ever could.” It’s just a good feeling to just shut ’em down. You’re just like, “alright, guy.” [plenty of laughter ensues]

You said you’re really into your stem in particular for traveling?
Oh yeah, the Lincoln stem is sick! Before, with putting the Elementary on it was a little more difficult, I was always paranoid about having my bars in the right place, but now, my bars stay in place, I turn one bolt, bada-bing, and it’s on. I’m usually running a straight cable but I got a little sloppy with a barspin and pulled out my brake cable.

The Lincoln stem has made Gary's traveling life easier.

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