Bike Check: Connor Lodes’ Premium Aurora

Name: Connor Lodes
Age: 22
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 150lbs
Sponsors: Premium Products, Demolition Parts, MARKIT BMX, Vans

Connor goes up the rail and onto the wall on a recent MARKIT trip. Photo: Brady

Frame: Premium Aurora
Fork: Demolition Elite
Headset: Demolition
Stem: Demolition Keystone
Bars: Premium Lodes
Grips: Duo Martinez
Tires: Demolition Machete 2.25″
Rear Wheel: Demolition Rogue/Zero
Front Wheel: Demolition Bulimia/Zero
Cranks: Demolition Revolt
Pedals: Demolition PC
Chain: Odyssey
Pegs: Demolition Plastic
Seat: Demolition/MARKIT Pivotal
Post: Demolition Pivotal


The Premium team just rolled through Southern California. What was that all about and what’s it like riding for the company?
Riding for Premium is awesome, you know? They’ve done so much for me the past couple of years and I can’t thank them enough. They’ve helped me travel and get my bike all dialed so I can’t thank them enough for that.

The team was in town for a little catalog shoot and we would just go and ride a chill spot, just do a little trick and film the bikes at the same time with the crew in the background, just to make it look a little cooler. It was just a mellow trip, laid back-shot the bikes and had a bunch of laughs.

What frame are you riding right now and how do you like to have your bike setup in general?
I’m riding the Premium Aurora frame. It’s one of the best frames I’ve ever ridden-short back end and steep head tube. I like my bike to be tall-bars kinda tall, feet kinda high…I like three or four pegs and all big. Bars a little bit back; I’m not that tall of a guy so I like to have them a little bit back.

You’ve got a signature bar through Premium right? What’s the deal with those?
I think they just got them in stock at the warehouse right now. They haven’t been made it to the shops yet, but will be very soon.

What are the specs on the bars?
They’re 29 wide, 8.5″ or 8.5″, 1.5 degree upsweep, 12 degrees back.

What kind of PSI do you like to ride in your tires?
I like to keep it pretty low. I used to ride it around 45/50, but now I bumped it up to 50/55 now. I like the lower PSI for street and landing but I definitely like the higher PSI for ramps and trannies.

What kind of stuff do you ride these days? You seem to ride everything and keep it pretty well rounded. Does it make a difference if you’re at home or out traveling? Do you just sort of run with whatever you’re feeling?
Yeah pretty much, just whatever I want to do when I wake up…I pretty much just ask the whole house what they want to do that day. People just start throwing ideas out there and we normally end up picking something. I usually end up riding Dennis’ ramp every day unless we’re out filming for MARKIT, then it’s street filming usually. We’re open to having dirt and ramp in there too-I like to ride everything, man. But most of the time, I find myself riding park lately; just being back at home, chilling, riding tranny a lot lately.

Speaking of the MARKIT video, how is your section coming along?
It’s awesome. I’m super psyched on my part so far and how everything’s coming together. We’re still going to keep filming for another year. I love hanging out with the crew and everything. Man, it’s ridiculous seeing everyone throw down and go for it. It’s really motivating.

Connor and some of the MARKIT crew having some fun on a recent trip. Left to right: Christian Rigal, Bill Macpherson, Dennis Enarson, Mike Jonas, and a slightly hidden Ronnie Napolitan. Photo: Brady

You live with Dennis Enarson, Ronnie Napolitan, and Christian Rigal-who’s the best mechanic, and who is the worst?
Ha ha, I think Ronnie and I are the best mechanics in the house. I like everyone else’s bike, they’ve all got a different style bike and rides it differently so it’s pretty cool to see.

You mentioned it a few weeks back and I’ve seen some photos of you online wearing some new kicks these days. What’s up with you and Vans?
I’m going to be able to work on some edits and be shooting some photos with them, it’s just a better option for me in the future.

Last words, thanks, shout outs?
My family for always being there for me, Demolition Parts for being there since day one and helping me out through everything, Premium Products for keeping me rolling smooth, MARKIT BMX, the whole MARKIT crew, Jerry Badders at Vans and everyone else who has helped me out along the way-thank you.