Bike Check: Chad Kerley’s Premium Aurora

While down in San Diego recently, I got to take a look at Chad Kerley’s shiny new Premium Aurora bike that he had just built up. Chad described his setup as “shinin’!” when he looked through the LCD after I shot some photos of it, and I’d have to agree. You can bet that this thing will be looking good for the Chad Kerley vitaminwater® Invitational, which is being webcasted here on the event’s official microsite.

Name: Chad Kerley
Age: 18
Current Location/Hometown: San Diego
Sponsors: Premium, Nike, vitaminwater®, Dan’s Comp, MARKIT

"I figured gold would look dope."

Frame: Premium Aurora
Fork: Premium F.Y.B. Forks
Bars: Premium Whiskey Bars 8.25 x 28
Grips: Premium Counterfeits
Stem: Premium Sub-10 V2
Headset: Premium
Front Wheel: Premium
Rear Wheel: Demolition LHD with a 9t driver
Tires: @Chadkerley Tires. Front: 2.25 Back: 2.0
Cranks: Premium 1948 bossless cranks, 175mm
Pedals: Premium Plastic Slims
Sprocket: 28t Premium chromoly sprocket that’s connected to my cranks without a sprocket bolt.
Chain: Cult
Seat: Premium Collage
Post: Premium carbon fiber Stump post
Clamp: Connected to frame..
Pegs: Chadow Pegs
Hub Guards: BSD rear plastic

You just built up a fresh Premium Aurora in gold. This isn’t a production color is it? Whose idea was it for a gold bike and how did it come around?
Yeah, the original Auroras are blue and although they do have black now, I wanted to do something different. I missed my black chrome frame and wanted to do something cool like that again. I rode a gold race bike back in the day, and I figured gold would look dope. I didn’t wanna do it too flashy with real gold like Dave Mirra or anything so I had Allan Cooke pick an old gold that wasn’t gleamy or too shiny.

Chad's bike, three pegs and no brakes, simple and efficient. Oh yeah, it looks clean as hell, too...

Every rider has different preferences-what kind of things are you particular about on your bike? Anything that people are pretty picky about that you couldn’t care less about?
I’m pretty particular about my bar angle, I ride them with an angle that’s a bit laid back towards my seat. I don’t put them too far back, but it makes it easier for me to manual and pop. I’m not that tall so it feels better that way. I also have my hub guard on my back wheel capable to spin so it doesn’t grind on just one side and rotates so it all wears down evenly. Other than that everything is pretty normal.

Plenty of your daily riding partners are riding four pegs. Have you ever messed with a fourth? If not, any plans on running one in the future?
I’ve never tried a fourth peg but I would imagine it bugging my heel with it being right there. I know one day I’ll try it out, but as of now I’m chillin’ with three.

Chad keeps his wheels in line by having all of the spoked laced on the inside. Smart, easy way to keep everything looking smooth and keeping it dialed.

When you first popped onto the freestyle scene, you were running a gyro but quickly lost the brakes. Do you ever intend on running them again in the future? What’s your favorite thing about being brakeless? What’s your least favorite thing?
Yeah, I rocked brakes for the fact that I couldn’t tailwhip without them. I’d always wanted to ride without them, but every time I tried I would get killed with tailwhips. I never did fufanus or anything like that, even with tire taps and manuals I never used them, they were strictly for tailwhips. One day I told myself I would get used to brakeless and if that involves relearning tailwhips I was up for it. Everything just feels so dialed without brakes. My least favorite thing about brakeless is having to mess my shoes up when I have to slow down. But other than that I’m not planning on putting brakes on again.

What are your feelings on handlebar height? You’re a bit shorter than a lot of guys and don’t really have the massive height to your bars as a lot of other riders do these days.
I like big bars, it makes my bike feel comfortable and dialed. I ride the same size bars as anyone else.. The angle is the only difference with them tilted back a bit.

You’ve been with Premium a minute now and have obviously been killing it-are there any plans for a signature frame in the works?
Yeah, I’m supposed to have one within the next two new frames that come out. I have some ideas as to what I’d like to do but haven’t gone into design it yet.

What’s up with that seatpost? I saw kids asking you about it at the park and it’s got that sleek, carbon fiber look to it.
Yeah it’s carbon fiber, I didn’t ask for it or anything. Allan put it on for me and I thought it looked different than what people ride which is cool and I kept it on. I’m into it.

The carbon fiber seatpost is a nice accent to a smooth looking rig.

What’s your favorite part on your bike and why?
My front wheel because it’s laced on the inside so the hub itself works as a hub guard which I’m really into.

Any last words or thanks?
I’d just like to thank Allan Cooke at Premium for hooking it up with a dope whip. And Premium of course for giving me a new bike whenever I want one.