Bicycles & Dirt Jam

Date: Saturday, May 13, 2006

Place: Stephen Murray’s Frontyard

14190 Sunrise Hill
Riverside, CA, 92508

I put on the first Jam, which was held at my house, in October ’05. I could not believe how many riders and people showed up. I really didn’t think it was going to be this big and crazy! However, it produced the gnarliest dirt jumping ever seen-all feeding off of a vibe which is untouched anywhere. If you’re looking for the best dirt riders in the world, they were all there! It also gave the local riders from Southern California a chance to meet and ride with the pros who they highly respect. So it only seemed right to put the Jam on again this year, with a little twist!

Over the winter, the dirt scene in Riverside has gone out of control! New trails everywhere and kids who are the next generation of what you will see in dirt in the near future. I can’t begin to tell you how the envelope is being pushed by riders who reside here, moved here, or who are constantly flooding in and out from out of town. After spending more time than you could imagine building and working with the dirt in the yard, I have finally built jumps, and one jump in particular which will see tricks that have never been done before…believe me, it’s gonna happen!

This year, we are going to step up the food and drinks for everyone to make sure everyone is looked after. C&C Ride Shop in Riverside is providing a top chef who will be barbequing the best food you’ll ever taste all day long! Enjoying listening to the sound of a new sound system, which will blow your ears off, mixed and scratched by Riverside’s underground best, DJ Red Dot. Also making a guest appearance will be MC Maintain and Python True Villanz, who will be holding it down on the mic and spitting mad flow for everybody. If you want to be tattooed by some of the best tattoo artists in the world, they be available all day, too!

The Loop

This year, I am trying to create something that has never been done before, hence taking it to the next level and pushing the boundaries and creativity of dirt riding. What it involves is a wooden loop that will be constructed in the middle of the jumps. We will start the run from the newly constructed roll-in and hit the section of the jumps heading into the loop, looping around and then hitting another jump before finishing at the “Big Dog” jump at the end.

Its going to be a fun day for everyone to enjoy riding and hanging out in a relaxed atmosphere. So if you want to come ride my yard, it’s yours for the day. Just behave yourself or I’ll kick your arse!

Thank you!
Stephen Murray

[email protected]

Stephen Murray’s front yard now sports a wooden loop built just for the Bicycles & Dirt Jam.  credit: Keith Mulligan

The loop stands at an intimidating 16 feet tall.  credit: Keith Mulligan

Yard work has not been completed yet, but you can imagine there will be jumps leading to the loop as well as out of it.  credit: Keith Mulligan

This view will give you an idea of how the loop goes from right to left.  credit: Keith Mulligan

Side view of the loop. This jam’s going to be a good one.  credit: Keith Mulligan