The Finals of the Bicycle Stunt series for 2000 are going out on a bad note.Wind is plaguing the event in Nashville, Tennessee, and today’s flatland finals even got cut short thanks to the rain.

When the flatland contest began, the plan was for each rider to get two runs, but as the rain clouds blew in, it didn’t look like it was going to happen. After eight riders took their first runs, the rain started dropping and everyone took off looking for a dry spot. About an hour later the sun came back out and dried everything up, so the final two riders got in their runs. Everyone would have liked to take their second runs, but it wasn’t going to happen. In the end, Dan Rigby had the run of his life for first, Martti Kuoppa got second, and new-Pro Matt Wilhelm spun into third. After all of the points for the year-end title were counted up, Trevor Meyer walked away with a goofy looking belt and another title.

Vert was scheduled to take place today as well, but the wind and rain changed that plan. All 20 riders got a chance to do their qualifying runs, but when it was time for the finals the rain and wind returned. The contest was called off for the day, and the finals may take place tomorrow. Most likely, though, ESPN will keep the qualifying scores as the finals. Right now Mat Hoffman is in first, John Parker in second, and Dennis McCoy in third. A few Pro vert riders didn’t come to this contest including Jay Miron and Jamie Bestwick, and Ryan Nyquist decided not to ride vert and is saving himself for park/street.

Park/street is scheduled for tomorrow, if the weather permits. Practice starts at 8am, and each rider in qualifying is only going to get one run. Things are going to be interesting, that’s for sure.

1. Dan Rigby
2. Martti Kuoppa
3. Matt Wilhelm
4. Nathan Penonzek
5. Trevor Meyer
6. Cory Stratychuck
7. Brian Tunney
8. Takashi Itov
9. Scott Powell
10. Steve Mulder
Year-end title: Trevor Meyer