The 2018 Battle of Hastings is well underway and the Plaza Sessions saw no shortage of amazing riding! Check out all 12 videos from 1st place to 12th place giving you a look at all the madness these guys threw down! Expect plenty more of this in the bowl contest coming up today!

1st Place – Team Hiam

Alex Hiam and Garrett Reynolds destroying the Source Park Plaza at the SourceBMX Battle Of Hastings 2018

2nd Place – Team Hawk
Dan Lacey & Nathan Williams

3rd Place – Team Dugan
Justin Spriet & Brandon Begin

4th Place – Team Hoffmann
Bruno Hoffmann & Anthony Perrin

4th Place – Team Watts
Jason Watts & Boyd Hilder

6th Place – Team Godwin
Jordan Godwin & Felix Prangenberg

7th Place – Team Martinez
Corey Martinez & Dakota Roche

8th Place – Team Qualifier
Mark Burnett & Mad Mike Guth

9th Place – Team Jones
Trey Jones & Sean Ricany

10th Place – Team Donnachie
Liam Zingbergs & Sam Jones

11th Place – Team Fids
Matt Beringer & Jordan O’Kane

12th Place – Team Smillie
Devon Smillie & Ben Lewis