Intro, interview, and photos by Robby Klein.

Pro BMX riders live a life of promoting, training, and traveling. Something we do not normally hear about is the home life of these riders. What do they do on their time off? What do they do when they are not practicing for a contest? Terry Adams takes roughly 50 trips a year doing demos, contests, and photo shoots, and is by far one of the most active riders in the sport. I caught up with Terry to see how he lives his life of a professional BMX rider on a day-to-day basis.

Name: Terry Adams
Sponsors: Odyssey, Flatware, Dan's Comp, Red Bull, Lotek, and Raising Canes chicken fingers.

What's a normal weekday morning for you?
I wake up and start the day with a healthy breakfast. Then I check some e-mails and let my sponsors know I am alive. I always make sure to check in with them as much as possible because they are a big reason I have this life. Then I walk my wife Vanessa to her car when she heads off to work. Around nine o'clock I will head to the parking lot to bust a morning session. That is pretty much how it goes.

What is the schedule like mid-day?
Facebook, MySpace, or talk on the phone. Anything to pass the time until the sun goes down. Then I head back out for some more riding.

What is a normal weekend for you if you’re not traveling to a contest, demo, or photo shoot?
Since I got married and purchased a home, I spend a ton of Saturdays doing yard work like cutting the grass, working in the garden, and pulling weeds. We are in competition with our neighbors so we work pretty hard to keep our property looking fresh.

What about a fun Sunday at home?
On Sundays I usually like to have a session on my personal riding spot in my backyard. We have a little kiddie pool and my wife will lay in it and read while I ride. It's a great feeling for me to be at home riding my bike having her next to me. After the session I will normally finish off the day by cooking on the grill and then eating until we are too stuffed to even talk.

How do you spend your nights?
Watching any movie rentals we have and then laying in bed and watching Fresh Prince of Bel-Air before closing my eyes. I like to watch or listen to things that put me in a happy place before going to bed. Will Smith works just fine.