When the UPS guy shows up around here with a big box of stuff from UGP and it has your name on it, you know it’s going to be a good day.UGP’s Kyle Pucek sent us a little care package, complete with samples from their new line of footwear. Want to get your kit dialed? This is a great place to start. See if any of the following fits your steez…

This is just some of the stuff that was in the aforementioned box… From denim to button downs, to hoodies, and maybe the dopest socks in BMX, UGP does it all.  credit: James Ayres

UGP just started doing this style of footwear. These are called the Flight Risk, and they come in this black/gold color, as well as a brown/tan (pictured below).

If you’ve never owned a pair of UGP socks, you have no idea what you’re missing. They’re a little thick for summer, but for Spring, Fall, and Winter, they’re tough to beat. Pictured is just a sampling of the ankle socks they make; they do a full line of taller ones also.

A close up of UGP’s Diesen jeans. I don’t know if I did the “dirty blue” color justice when I shot the photo, but these are a damn fine pair of pants.

The Norton short sleeve button up looks perfectly respectable… Until you start puking in it.

This is the UGP tag/logo that’s on the bottom of the Norton… Just a cool little touch that you won’t find on a lot of other brand’s shirts…

These are called the BDU cargo shorts (I have no idea what BDU stands for, if anything), and for the days when it’s just too hot to rock pants, these will do a great job at hiding most of your pasty, white legs.

Want to see more? UGP’s got its entire line of Spring/Summer gear posted on their site. Click www. undergroundproducts.com for the full shebang.