DK Bicycles started off with stems at the racetrack, and now it's a big company with everything from complete bikes down to this tool, the second incarnation of the Random Wrench. Let's dig into this and see what makes this tool special.

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We all know carrying around tools is a pain in the ass. Having to try to figure out how to carry all of your tools can be frustrating, especially during travel. DK wised up, sat back, and looked at the big picture. Figuring out how to cram all of the necessary tools needed to take your bike a part in a small enough package that can easily fit in your backpack or camera bag.


The DK Random Wrench V.2  from the outside looks like a cattle prod, which, in a sticky situation could help you avoid getting your bike stolen or just protect your ass.. The "prod" I am referring to is actually the 15mm pedal wrench, which fits well between your crank and pedal allowed for  great torque on your pedal. Engraved on the tool is the instructions on how to put your accessories provided away properly for a perfect fit, because remembering how these go back in can be a pain. DK thought of everything.

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Also on the outside is a 3/8 inch ratchet end that accepts the provided 15mm and 17mm Deep sockets, along with an additional extension to get into those pegs of yours. For the allen bolts on your bike, the Random Wrench has you covered. Included is a 5mm, and 6mm allen sockets, which connects to the 3/8 inch ratchet, allowing you tool with everything from your stem, to your cranks to your seat post clamp. Last but now least, the cap that keeps everything inside the wrench, has a spoke wrench, allowing you to tighten and true your wheels on the fly!


What's really cool about this tool, besides it being almost an entire tool box in such a small package, is that if your bike has 19mm nuts, or maybe ¼ inch allen bolts,  you can easily just go to a local hardware store and purchase replacements and customize your Random Wrench. I personally have had both incarnations of this, and the improvements are amazing, the streamlined updates make it fit easily when traveling. Less space used means you can bring more hats or pants or whatever you kids do these days.

Comes in Black, silver, and Jamie Bestwick Gold. Available at better bike shops and rad mail orders. To have all of these tools on their own, you'd pay almost $50 since you would have to get a whole tool kit. But DK packs that all into the Random Wrench for $32.95.

TOOLS NEEDED: None dumb ass, this is a tool, tool!

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