Andrew Castaneda Bike Check

Name: Andrew Castaneda
Age: 18
Sponsors: Cult, Primo, Lotek, Yawn

Frame: Cult Bad Boy, 21″
Fork: Cult Sect Fork
Headset: Cult
Stem: Cult Salvation
Handlebars: Cult Deathrow Bars
Grips: ODI Longneck
Tires: Cult Dehart
Rear Wheel: Primo Remix Cassette, Primo Balance Rim
Front Wheel: Primo N4 Hub, Primo Balance Rim
Cranks: Cult
Pedals: Cult
Sprocket: Primo Aneyerlator V2, 25T
Chain: Cult 510
Seat: Primo Fat Pivotal
Post: Cult Counter Post
Pegs: Cult Doomsday


I met Andrew Castaneda the first day I moved to Southern California at a random jam at Cherry Park in Long Beach and later see him destroy it in the Monster Energy Best Trick contest held at the Cult Clubhouse jam, winning with two awesome flat rail tricks-either of which could have won on their own. Fast forward a couple of weeks later, and Andrew dropped a crazy web video for Lotek, dropping stylish riding across Southern California school yards in his edit welcoming him to Rich Hirsch’s reinvigorated shoe brand. He also ended up on another brand under the Tip Plus umbrella-the restructured and seriously back on it Primo team. With plenty of momentum looking towards the second half of the year, I spent a few days with him shooting him riding at some cool spots on a fresh Cult/Primo whip.

You just dropped a pretty crazy “Welcome to Lotek” video and you also started getting flowed from Primo. How did that all start, and what’s your deal like with Primo? Are you just getting flowed by them?
Yeah, I’m getting flowed right now. Robbie [Morales] wanted to hook it up with parts and have my shoes be fresh all the time so he put a word in…I showed them my Lotek edit that just dropped and I guess they liked it so they put me on flow-and it’s been good times.

Did you know you were going to be on Lotek while you were filming that or did those both happen at the same time?
No, Lotek picked me up after we filmed the edit, I’ve got on some different shoes in that one [laughter].

Andrew locks in an icepick all the way across this. He took it multiple times for this one, putting a hole in his hand and sacking on it twice. The kid isn't afraid to commit. Photo: Brady

What’s it been like between you and Primo so far? I hear things have been way good with them and the riders lately…
Yeah, John Richards is the man over there. He’s easy to talk to…he’s just the dude, pretty much. Whenever I need something he’s there and will be like, “hell yeah, come get it; there’s no hesitation. It’s pretty cool.

How long have you been riding for Cult for?
Cult? I think it’s been two years, maybe…I’ve been there since the start, all the way through and I never knew that I’d start getting involved with the team and getting tight with everyone. So it’s been about two years…but it’s been about a year since I’ve been really hanging out all the time while they’re filming for Talk Is Cheap…

Do you have anything filmed for that, friends and flow section or something along those lines?
Yeah, we might be working on a split section with a bunch of people. And I’ve got a few clips in there…but I’m working on getting some there in this month before it drops.

Popping a downside whip into a bank at an old mini golf course. This place is too fun. Photo: Brady

Outside of those dudes out here, who do you hang out with; who is your crew?
My normal crew is the Yawn dudes-it’s Veesh, Iz Paulido, and Dave Escobar. It’s just normally us going out to schools and scouting for spots…

Hopping fences and shit like that?
Yeah…you know, you know…you been there!

How did you get involved in Yawn? I heard your section for their DVD came together pretty quick.
Well, Yawn started with Veesh a while back, he made Yawn what it is. We met at Vans because I was going there a lot and we just started talking and it’s just more now. At first I was just going to be in the mix section, but then I was hanging out with them so much and filming so consistently that I just ended up having a part, it was pretty cool. Thanks to Veesh for that one. It premiered at NORA Cup, which was pretty sick. NORA Cup will never be the same after that [laughter].

Yeah, that’s gotta be pretty crazy. Was that your first time being there for that?
Yeah, I got kicked out of a bunch of the hotels for being too loose and too young [laughter].

Aftermath of one of the several battles to pull the icepick displayed above. Photo: Brady

How old are you now?
Eighteen, about to be nineteen on the 24th.

What’s your bike setup like?
I like everything stock. I don’t really mess with it, I just put it on and ride it as is. It’s simple; slammed seat…high bars…a long frame. It’s a 21 inch and I’m a short guy, so it’s pretty good. It just feels better, there’s a lot more control to it. It’s just a regular street setup.

Locked toothpick hangover across a lengthy ledge. Photo: Brady

Have you been rocking four pegs the whole time or has that been more recent?
No, at first I had two, and then it went to three, and then I was just like, “f*** it,” I put the fourth one on and it’s the best thing ever. It opens up so many more things.

I’d like to thank Robbie at Cult, the bossman for being so supportive at all times and just dealing with my shit [laughter]. I’d like to thank John Richards for being super cool and giving me a chance to ride Primo stuff and be super pumped on it…I’d like to thank Veesh at Yawn and Rich Hirsch over at Lotek.

If it's nice, make it twice. Andrew pops another downside whip into the same bank. Photo: Brady