The Turbo Kid has had a lot going on lately; first, he just inked a deal a few months ago to ride for Robinson, and ever since then, he’s been on the gas. A few weeks ago at the Falls, more than a few people were picking him to win the whole deal… I didn’t know much about his new ride, or about what he had going on, so here’s where the tape starts rolling.

Alexis getting his mug shot on at Del Mar  credit: James Ayres

Number of years racing: 23
Number of years in double-A? 4
Strengths: My gate, first straight, and skills

Is it weird being in a Robinson uniform again?
It doesn’t feel weird at all putting on the jersey again. It gave me a boost in confidence to shine on the track once again. I also liked it because I noticed that I was turning heads again with my performance on the track. Robinson colors stick out especially well with my 2003 Fox gear.

When did the Robinson deal go down?
We talked at the ABA Utah nationals.

Did they talk to you or did you find them?
Michael Flaherty and Jay Diaz approached me; they saw how well I was doing without a real sponsor at the start of the season.

What’s the deal like?
My deal was just going to be entry fees, but my performance boosted to another level, so Robinson started paying for all my expenses.

Is it a one-year deal?
Right now my deal stands as expenses just for the rest of the season, and we’re negotiating for the next season; hopefully everything works out.

Alexis about one milli-second before he sucks up his back end and lands perfect backside down Del Mar’s pro section  credit: James Ayres

Are you talking with Jay Diaz? He’s the guy doing Powerlite with Tim Kneip and Daniel Greer, right?
Yes, he’s a definite supporter of BMX; he’s supported me to the fullest at the end of this season.

Does Robinson have plans for a full team or will it be just you and Tim?
I believe they’re just sponsoring pros.

Are they going to build you a real Robinson? If so, do you know anything about what it will look like? Angles?
Right now I know that Robinson’s going to make many lines of bikes for all ages. They are also considering a signature bike for me next season. What the bike will look like I have no clue but I know it will be trick.

With this sponsorship, will you be able to concentrate on racing full time?
If all the negotiations for my deal go well, I’ll be able to race full-time like I do now. I left Fox about a year ago before the Grands to pursue my dream of being a top pro. This year I made my money racing at the events I went to, making the top ten after only racing eight races this season. Imagine if I had gotten to go to more; I’d probably be top three, or maybe even number one.

Alexis dicin’ with John Purse… He went through Del Mar’s pro section more than once leading laps like this…  credit: James Ayres

Do you have to have an outside job?
It’s not really a job, but I am a student at the University of San Francisco, in the nursing program. But to stay competitive, I have a ttrainer and I work very hard riding my bike everyday.

How hard does that make racing double-A?
I balance everything pretty well… My trainer, Mike Hajek, hooked me up with a good program for eating, weight training, etc…. I basically use good time management for school, traveling, and training. Racing’s my job, so I’m taking both things very seriously so I can survive in this world.

Plans for next year?
My plans for next year will be to hit NBL and ABA races, and hopefully the X Games if they will invite me; this year I called several times and got no call back. It’s all good, but I definitely want to be there next year.

How did you get the nickname Turbo Kid?
My father gave it to me when I was about eight years old cause I had speed, power and smooth skills.

What are you into when you’re not riding or training?
Doing schoolwork; I’ve got no time for anything else. I live like a pro every day because I want to win in racing and in life.

Which amateurs have what it takes to make it in double-A?
Probably Josh Oie and Danny Caluag.

What do you think about BMX finally making the Olympics?
It’s awesome; I think it will bring more kids to our sport as well as sponsors, which we are all in need of to make BMX successful as a career like other sports.

Alexis and Nate Berkheimer gas it out of the second turn, on their way to the first set in the pro section.  credit: James Ayres