I hate rain…especially when it rains out a contest. I’ll be honest and say that once the contest was rained out and I was left with about %75 of just the semi-finals, I didn’t really know what to do with the footage. But, on my 18 hour trek home from Moscow, Russia, I decided it was best to throw together a loose edit and it actually turned out pretty deece. Although, it’s definitely just a sampling of what was to come if the weather would have held out. But, instead of a six person final, $50,000 Rubles got split between the 24 people below…
1) Evstifeev Anton
2) Diogo Santos
3) Malcev Alexey
4) Larichev Andrey
5) Nikulin Alexander
6) Andreev Kostya
7) Sean Ricany
8) Materinko Kostya
9) Victor Salazar
10) Vishniakov Dima
11) Ben Lewis
12) Eduards Zunda
13) Novoselov Maxim
14) Senad Grosic
15) Xomutinin Denis
16) Beresteckiy Ilya
17) Terentev Pavel
18) Hairutdinov Roman
19) Galas Boris
20) Dergachev Alexey
21) Shatilo Stat
22) Spencer Bass
23) Bespaliy Maxim
24) Pavlov Denis