A couple of weeks ago I headed over to VSI in Cerritos, CA to get the full tour from Pete Dylewski.Pete’s one of the big wigs over at VSI (as you’ll see in the photos), so while he was filling me in on what was going on there, I shot some photos. Here’s what I got…

This is what VSI looks like from the outside; if it looks like a small building, just wait until you see their warehouse. The photos won’t do it justice…  credit: James Ayres

This is what you see after you walk past the small reception area. With wall art like that, is it really a mystery why they’ve got a real good grip on the race market?

Would you look at Pete’s office? If I had an office like that, I’d be driving a Porsche, too. Oh wait, no I wouldn’t. Pete’s a baller for sure.

Turtle tank? Check.

Pete had a few samples of what Intense’s line of completes are going to look like (they’re launching in a few months and should be in shops by the summer/fall). For less than $400, a lot of their bikes are going to give Redline a run for their money.

I know it’s just a warehouse, but the place really is massive – it has to be for all the product they stock. 12 different sizes of Intense frames alone barely puts a dent into the shelf space they’ve got back there.

Roughly 25 years ago, Toby’s race bike got stolen in Japan (I think this is how the story goes). Well, a fan of his calls him up years later to tell him that he has found the bike and wants to give it back. The guy’s so stoked on Toby that Toby lets him keep the bike. See that numberplate? That’s the exact same one that was on Toby’s bike. The guy sent it to Toby so that he’d at least have something to remember the bike by. That plate’s been from the U.S. to Japan and back again. Can a piece of plastic get frequent flier miles?

To check out VSI’s full product line (and believe me, this isn’t a 30-second deal), click www. vsiproducts.com and count on being there for awhile – they carry everything.