Name: Van Homan
Age: 26
Hometown: Pennsville, N.J.
Currently residing in: Pennsville, N.J.

Sponsors: Fit Bike Co., Little Devil Clothing, Orchid Footwear & Duo

Coalition’s newest team member, Van Homan.  credit: Fat Tony

Your shop, Two by Four, just opened in New Jersey, how was the grand opening?
I’m really excited about the shop. It is an amazing feeling to be able to turn an idea in to a reality. I don’t ride bikes–I ride BMX, so I felt like people needed a BMX shop–something that caters to the lifestyle. It doesn’t make sense for us to be lumped in with mountain bikes and 10-speeds; and people need something a little more personal than mail order. The grand opening went really great. It’s amazing the support we have been getting from riders all over the area. Its also great how much my sponsors Fit, Little Devil, Orchid along with a number or other companies have been willing to help out to make this thing as cool as possible. I think people realize that Two by Four is trying to offer a little more to BMX. We are trying to have a lot of fun promos/events and just generally give kids a place to be. Keep your eyes out for up coming events at the shop.

Two by Four. Photo courtesy of Van Homan.

Are you the shop’s only employee right now? Who else helps out?
No, Smurf and Ryan Kidd are my two employees right now. Both are BMXers, so they know what’s up. They are both working part time right now. They have been a huge help in allowing me to still ride a lot. I have to have some good people in place so that I can get away for riding trips and whatnot. Plus, all my friends and family have been pitching in where they can. I have to thank everyone that’s played a part in making this thing run.

What are the plans for Two by Four?
I really just want to provide a place that kids can come to get the good products. I want a place where riders can chill and watch a video and just generally hang out and be part of something positive. I would have loved to have had something like this when I was a kid, so it feels good to be able to offer it to a younger generation. We plan to have a lot of cool events and giveaways–events where kids can meet and interact with pros. For example, we have the Animal team coming to the store this weekend for a BBQ. Prizes will be won, burgers will be eaten, grind boxes will be ridden and fun will be had. Lots more things like this in the future. Also, get ready for a big Fitlife premier in early October.

An inside look at Two by Four. Photo courtesy of Van Homan.

A few of the Ride employees already saw your part in the upcoming Fitlife video (which was an amazing part, by the way), how did filming this part compare to filming others in the past?
Thank you. It was a little different this time around. I kind of took my time with this one. Slow and steady was my strategy. I’m happy with the way it came out, but I guess you always feel like you could have done a little more. Filming has been a lot different for me ever since the Criminal Mischief days. Back then I would jusst go out riding and Derek always had the camera. Now I have to make it more of a point to film. That’s why I never stop filming, whether I have a project or not. That way it always stays fun and there is never too much pressure. This video is going to be amazing though. I feel like it is really going to live up to the hype. The team really came through from what I’ve seen and heard so far.

Are you already working on another video part with another company or are you chilling out for a while after finishing filming for the Fitlife video?
I am really motivated to film right now. I don’t know what it’s going to be for yet, but I am really ready to get out there and clock some more footy. So, by no means do I plan on chilling right now.

Best and worst parts of filming a video part?
Seeing the final outcome is an amazing feeling. Worst part is feeling like you have to live up to the hype or previous parts.

Didn’t you invent the Derek Duster grind? Tell us about that.
Haha, yeah I guess I sort of did. Here’s how it went down: Derek Adams was at the skatepark one night doing icepick grinds on a small rail. He messed up and ended up grinding half the rail in a crooked grind position with no front peg. He told me that he thought I should try to do it on purpose on some real rails. I started messing around with it at the park and then eventually took it to the streets. The name came about because Derek’s friend Dave Fox had invented a flatland trick back in the day called the Dave Duster which is apparently a backwards Karl Cruiser. (Whatever that means, haha.) So anyway, I told Mark Losey the name, he printed it in a magazine and it stuck. So add the Derek Duster to the list of dumb sounding names for BMX tricks, haha.

You’ve been known to kill it at the Metro Jams, why didn’t you go to the Vancouver Metro last weekend?
You are just filled with compliments. (Editor’s note: That was not intended to be a compliment, but a blatant fact.) Things were just too new and too crazy with the store. Things are getting more dialed over at Two by Four so I will be able to leave more now. I am going to the Backyard Build Off towards the end of the month. I’m not done with the Metro Jams, I just had to miss this one. It’s a bit of a sacrifice, but totally worth it. I was ready to offer something more to BMX. Riding alone just didn’t feel like enough anymore.

Look for Van’s part in the Fitlife video, premiering at an all-ages venue at Interbike in Las Vegas. To learn more about Two by Four, please visit the Two by Four Web site.