Name: Shad Robert Johnson
Age: 30
Hometown: Prineville, OR
Currently residing in: Portland, OR

Sponsors: Solid bikes

Shad Johnson  credit: Ryan Fudger

You co-own Goods BMX shop in Portland, Oregon (alongwith Rich Hirsch), do you get burnt out on riding frombeing around bikes all day and do you ride as much nowthat you have the shop?
I actually don’t get burnt out on riding becauseworking at the shop keeps me from riding as much asI’d like. So when I do get to go out and have a goodsession, I’m really stoked (which is usually 2 to 3 timesa week). Really the only thing that I get a lil’ bummedout on is when everyone is at the shop and I can see that abig session is about to happen and I can’t go out witheveryone.

You film for Props occasionally, how did youget hooked up with them and who looks after the shopwhen you are on trips like Road Fools?
I made a video back in the day called Blueprint and Iapproached Marco and Chris about distributing it, whichthey ended up doing. Then a month or so later theyapproached me about filming Roots in 2000 for them. So I’massuming they thought that my filming was good enoughto be trusted with a job like that.
When I do go on a trip Slodogg and Jesse Whaley are incharge of running things at the shop. For a while itwas just Slodogg but business keeps picking up so webrought Jesse on a few months ago and I couldn’t behappier.

Portland has a great riding scene and a lot of supertalented riders have come out of there (and currentlylive there). Which riders have you watched come upand what has that been like?
Man, I’ve seen so many ofthe guys come up. I remember when Bruce Crisman wouldshow up at Burnside when he was real young on someghetto chrome bike. I remember when lil’ Jeff was like12 years old, boostin’ the quarter to wedge at BeavertonSkatepark. He was always chillin’ with Shane Youngrenback in the day. I’ve seen Chester Blacksmith and JustinInman go from just the young guys to who they arenow. (LOL) It may sound silly, but when I moved here therewas only like 8 to 12 guys who rode and we felt likethe whole Northwest was ignored by the publicationsand the industry at the time. So im happy to see thingswhere they are now.

What has been your favorite riding spot in Portlandover the years? What is your favorite spot outside ofthe Portland area?
Hands down Burnside. That is why Imoved here. The first time I rode there was like in 93’and I knew I wanted to ride there a lot more. Haha. Iknow nowadays I don’t go as much as I did in the past,but it is still the best place, hands down. Um, outside thearea … just any good spot with my friends. I love goingdown to Sacramento and riding pools with Huff and theSolid guys!

You are a really funny guy and always seem to behaving a good time. What do you do to stay sopositive?
Um, thanks. I just try and be happy about thepresent and I eat a lot of burritos! Stretching outdoesn’t hurt either!

You were involved in the big “security guard fiasco”in Mega Tour 4, have youencountered any crazy scenarios like that since?
Every time I go on a Propstrip something happens! LOL! I guess I choked that guyout on megetour 5 cuz he kept messing with me, but man,I’m really mellow and I’ve never even punched someone. Ithink people think I’m a brawler or something now andI’m so not!

You are a contributing photographer for Ride,how did you learn to shoot photos and what kind ofequipment to you use?
I guess I’m self-taught. I have aCanon EOS 1n and you know, like 2 flashes, radio slaves,a 50, 15 and a big, long lens. I forgot what it is. Ireally feel like the most unprofessional photographerever. One day I hope I can step it up and meet some ofmy goals in photography.

What is your favorite type of riding to shoot photosof?Old-school, simple tricks, pools, schralpin. Haha! Ithink just pictures of people who have personality andgood style. And that doesn’t mean just good style ontheir bike. I think good personal style shines through ina lot of photos. People who are comfortable in front ofthe camera.